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At NetElixir, we are driven by a passion to democratize the digital marketing space through data insights and practical know-how. We believe in making the latest innovations, industry advancements, and educational resources freely available to everyone. This kind of knowledge is only earned through years of experience and dedication in retail ecommerce. Rather than keep it behind a locked door, we see it as our responsibility to pass on what we’ve learned through continuous testing and analysis to those who can benefit.

In this spirit of sharing information, we established NetElixir University as a one-stop resource for digital marketing research and practical retail knowledge. Through research insights, webinars, growth workshops, our annual X=Experience conference, and other outlets, our team is always finding new ways to help retailers around the globe better understand their high-value customers and solve the biggest problems facing today’s ecommerce businesses.


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Our annual conference is an intimate, invitation-only event that brings together leaders in academia and the retail industry at the inspiring Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. The event was born out of a firm belief that when great minds from academia and industry meet, magic happens.