Why Is SEO Important For E-Commerce?

SEO is an important element in driving your holistic e-commerce growth because it drives quality traffic to your website, improves user experience and conversion rates, and builds brand authority. If you want to be found by online customers, you need a robust SEO strategy that considers content creation, page speed, the goals of your end user, and more. 

NetElixir is your SEO growth partner for long-term success.

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Our Result-Driven Approach To Drive Your E-Commerce SEO Growth Strategy

AI-Driven SEO Platform

We tap into the power of an AI-driven enterprise platform to determine the user intent of every keyword to better establish a semantic relationship between topics and keywords to better inform your SEO content creation strategy.

Dedicated Team

As your SEO growth partners, we personally invest in your success to help you create engaging user experiences through compelling content and good user experience.

Technical SEO Know-How

We track every algorithm update across all search engines to quickly adapt your SEO strategies.

SEO Content Strategy

We match the user intent to the most relevant content, so users have the best experience from initial site contact to final conversion.

What SEO Services Does NetElixir Provide?

International SEO

International SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines in different countries, regions, and languages. Benefits of an optimized international SEO strategy include:

  • Reaching new customers and building complex user profiles based on regional preferences
  • Ensuring your website is relevant to target audiences across countries and languages
  • Fully participating in the increasingly global market

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your brand be more visible in search engine results pages for local queries, such as “near me” or “in Princeton”. If your store has a physical location, local SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar shop, which complements your e-commerce strategy. Benefits of an optimized local SEO strategy include:

  • Increased visibility and conversion rate amongst your closest customers
  • Building up a local brand that drives higher trust and reputation
  • A competitive advantage

Amazon SEO

For a holistic e-commerce growth strategy, retailers must be aware of Amazon’s own search algorithm and the specific factors that affect rankings on their site. Amazon SEO caters to providing a good user experience through reputable and competitively priced products. Benefits of an optimized Amazon SEO strategy include:

  • Increased brand awareness and traffic
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Greater chance of owning the Buy Box and increasing sales

SEO Resources

SEO Product Guide

Learn more about our SEO solutions to sustainably and profitably improve your search rankings, build long-term brand visibility, and create a highly effective SEO foundation to boost returns across all online marketing channels.

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Voice Search SEO

Our Search Without Screens primary research report offers deep insights into how consumers are using voice search and the potential applications of voice search for e-commerce brands. 

AI and Natural Language Processing

Like many other areas of digital marketing, SEO has become AI-driven. We apply an AI-focused strategy to maximize your content’s ability to appear in relevant search results. 

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