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The Covid-19 outbreak is an event that is reshaping how your customers are buying online. While there has been a lot of confusion and misinformation around the coronavirus outbreak, NetElixir has continued to collect and compare real-time data about the impact of the outbreak on ecommerce sales and online shopping behavior. NetElixir is hosting our 3rd webinar on this topic that includes our latest findings, backed by our proprietary customer analytics tool LXRInsights, to help retailers make the best executive decisions.  

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Don’t Make Assumptions. Get The Real Data on Covid-19. 


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Parag Shah

Vice President (Grocery Division)
at Wakefern 


The purpose of this segment of our webinar is to acknowledge the contributions of specific businesses in serving people during these difficult times. The ShopRite team has gone above and beyond by working around the clock to meet a massive surge in demand for groceries over the past four weeks. Few understand the impact such a demand spike can have on a retailer's supply chain. The in-store staff - whether the cashiers or those at the customer service desk - have continued to deliver exceptional service with a smile. We'd like to tip our hats to them for helping the community.