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Navigating Through a Shifting Environment:


NetElixir and BWG Connect invite you to participate in the latest global impact of COVID-19 update. Hear real-time data from marketing leaders in the industry and learn ways retailers can navigate through this evolving situation. 

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We will share an overview of the latest eCommerce trends, following our findings from our June 18th COVID-19 Updates webinar:

  • Purchase behaviors & trends of "new" online shoppers 
  • Real time analysis of daily online sales metrics for 7 retail categories(Women’s Apparel, Home Improvement, Tools and Hardware, Food & Gourmet, Gifting, Equine Supply and Home Furnishings) 
  • Significant trends identified across the categories 
  • Key eCommerce Metrics 
  • Holiday Readiness checklist for eCommerce


  • Let the Data Dictate Direction - A path to a successful recovery
  • Impact of COVID-19 - State level data where cases are spiking, shopper behavior, conversion rates & eCommerce sale
  • Special Insight Share - What are the top performing products within different retail categories & classification based on the consumer value pyramid

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Gerard Gibbons

President of SMB and US Marketing at UPS

The UPS team has gone above and beyond by working around the clock to meet a massive surge in demand for deliveries over the past weeks. UPS has continued to deliver exceptional service with a smile.

The Retail Superhero segment of our webinar series acknowledges the contributions of specific businesses in serving people and helping the community during these difficult times. NetElixir nominates a Retail Superhero to share their story of the actions they are taking in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For additional information, follow our blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, where we share retail analytics updates that offer a day’s summary for select retail categories.



Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Shopping Behavior and Retail Ecommerce 
March 11 2020

Presented by NetElixir’s CEO and Founder Udayan Bose. 

  • The coronavirus outbreak is noted as a black swan event 
  • Search for hand sanitizer shifted to DIY substitutes as demand surged 
  • Shoppers in the Food & Gourmet Retail category visited a website less times prior to purchase, while Home Decor shoppers tended to visit a website more times before completing a purchase 

Update: Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Shopping Behavior and Retail Ecommerce 
March 26 2020

Presented by Udayan Bose, with a live Q&A with our first Retail Superhero Parag Shah, VP of Grocery at Wakefern Food Corp. for Shoprite.

  • Online shoppers are making purchases more quickly than they had in 2019.
  • Mobile orders have increased, as retailers reduce purchase friction and offer “mobile only” promotions
  • The Food retail category saw a nearly 200% Y/Y growth in sales.
  • The NetElixir Intelligence Lab considered Google ads and media spend during the coronavirus outbreak 

Official Retail Ecommerce COVID-19 Updates Webinar 3.0
April 9 2020

Presented by Udayan Bose, with a live Q&A with our second Retail Superhero UPS, represented by Gerard Gibbons, President of SMB and US Marketing.

  • The gifting retail category saw an 80% increase in year over year sales for the month of March.
  • Ecommerce sales for the food retail category continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, reaching year over year growth of nearly 580%.
  • UPS featured speaker Gerard Gibbons discusses how UPS is helping small businesses during this time, providing global relief, and how businesses can adapt to the new reality. 

Official Retail Ecommerce COVID-19 Updates Webinar 4.0
April 23 2020

Presented by Udayan Bose, NetElixir’s CEO and Founder with a live Fashion and Apparel Q&A by Kaki Zell, Co-Owner and Vice President of Ames Walker, for a Q&A on innovation in the apparel industry. Udayan and Zell discuss: 

  • The impact the stimulus checks may have had on the apparel industry. 
  • Percentage of YoY growth in online orders, compared to NetElixir’s predictions. 
  • Opportunities in ad spend.
  • YoY changes in website conversion rates across seven retail categories. 
  • How Ames Walker re-engineered their manufacturing capabilities overnight to produce masks. 
  • Advice and resources for retail business leaders and marketers to continue to navigate through this crisis.


Road to Recovery - Retail Time Data on Ecommerce Sales & Online Shopper Behavior 5.0
May 21 2020

Presented by Udayan Bose, NetElixir’s CEO and Founder, with Chas Fox, CEO of Micro-Mark for a live Q&A Lesson From The CEO of Micro Mark in the Tools & Hardware industry. Udayan and Chas will explore:

  • Trends emerging across different retail categories 
  • The retention rate of online shoppers new to eCommerce 
  • Insights into the Tools & Hardware retail category 
  • What the ‘new’ retailer looks like

Road to Recovery - Retail Time Data on Ecommerce Sales & Online Shopper Behavior 6.0
June 18 2020

NetElixir’s CEO and Founder Udayan Bose continues to share the real-time data on the impact Covid-19 is having on consumer shopping behavior and retail ecommerce. NetElixir hosts a panel discussion with leading retail executives to share the challenges and opportunities they have faced along the road to recovery. We are joined by: 

  • Ruth Jeffers, the CEO of Jeffers 
  • Lee Kantz, The Director of Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce of Itzy Ritzy 
  • Aaron Pelander, The Vice President of Marketing at GovX 

Browse the Covid-19 Webinar Research Series: 

Parag Shah

Vice President (Grocery Division)
at Wakefern 

Our first Retail Superhero, Wakefern Food Corp. has provided extraordinary service to ensure shelves are stocked and people can continue to feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

We work with retailers like: