Innovation and AI: How To Prepare For The Future Of Digital Marketing

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Fireside Chat With Professor Jerry Wind

the Lauder professor Emeritus and Professor of Marketing, Wharton
Currently working with Amelia

Get an exclusive first-hand perspective into the unstoppable power of generative AI and how e-commerce marketers can seize the future. We are the first e-commerce growth partner to bring you an Ivy League professor to unite theoretical and practical knowledge to empower your future-forward growth strategy.

Key takeaways to elevate your AI marketing strategy:

  • Design your portfolio of innovations and add an element of AI to each of your experiments to optimize and accelerate brand growth
  • Reinvent your talent strategy by democratizing access to new talents and skills through open innovation
  • It is crucial to adopt models of digital transformation now to thrive in the future
Thrive in the AI-first marketing landscape with our strategic insights into strengthening your e-commerce growth strategy by illuminating the path of marketing excellence with our 8 recommendations for the AI-first CMO.
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jerry wind

With Professor Jerry Wind, the Lauder Professor Emeritus and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, currently working with Amelia Conversational AI

Continue the conversation on AI, innovation, and experimentation during our 10th annual X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation forum in September.
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