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Is your e-commerce business ready for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days? Amazon Marketplace is the leading player when it comes to retail e-commerce: as of June 2022, Amazon had captured 37.8% of the market share, with its closest competitor, Walmart, trailing far behind at 6.3% (Statista). That means when Amazon announces a special retail event, customers – and businesses – take notice, as participating can mean big discounts for customers and big sales for businesses. 

Whether you’re stocked up and ready to go or looking ahead to next year’s Prime events, NetElixir can help you make the most of these special shopping days.

What are Amazon Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days?

Prime Day began in 2015 as a retail event marking Amazon’s 20th birthday. It has evolved over the years and in 2023, Amazon has held two Prime events: Prime Day (July 11-12) and Prime Big Deal Days (October 10-11). Special Prime events are a way for Amazon to drive sales outside of key shopping periods like Black Friday and the run-up to the holidays. We expect October’s event to officially jumpstart the holiday shopping experience. The Prime Big Deal Days event is exclusive to Prime members.

Why Should My E-Commerce Business Participate in Amazon’s Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days Events?

Amazon has incredible reach, and as of 2022, over 168 million people in the US were Prime subscribers, with millions more around the world (Statista).  Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days are opportunities for businesses like yours to capitalize on the promotion Amazon does for these events and capture some of the sales to customers yourself, on Amazon Marketplace as well as through your e-commerce site and other retail marketplaces.

When considering which products to offer during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event, look into which products are best at engaging high-value customers. Use this as an opportunity to convert new brand loyalists and build your email lists for holiday promotions.

And, if you’re not a seller on Amazon, your brand can still capitalize on the surge in online shopping activity. Check out your competitors on Amazon and consider offering a similar or better deal to theirs to win customers for your brand. Ensure your checkout experience is convenient to effectively compete with Amazon’s simplicity. 

How Should My Brand Prepare for Amazon’s Special Prime Day Events?

Prime Day may not be an official holiday, but your e-commerce business has to prepare like it is. Starting that prep weeks or even months in advance will make the days of the event itself much less stressful – and your customers will be happy when their orders are shipped and delivered quickly.

Stay on top of your inventory.

Your business must be ready for a big bump in sales, just as at Black Friday or in the weeks afterward. Customers who buy from you during Prime retail events expect their products to be available for shipping right away.

Develop your fulfillment strategy.

Whether you’re primarily using Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Merchant, or your business runs better using both, you need a fulfillment strategy that will get your products to your customers on time.

Update your product listings.

The best time to refresh your SEO is always ASAP, and it’s even more critical in the lead-up to retail events like this. You want customers to be able to find your products easily via search engines – including Amazon’s – and you want them to have access to all the information they require to decide to make a purchase. Clean up your copy and update your photos and FAQ, on Amazon, and also on your own site and other retail marketplaces. Prime events lead to an increase in spending across the board, not just on Amazon, as folks search across marketplaces for the best deals for the products they desire. 

Discount products to beat the competition.

It wouldn’t be Prime Big Deal Days without deals. Make sure your product prices are discounted to match or beat your competitors and consider waiving shipping costs or other fees to make your products even more attractive to customers on your site.

Promote your deals.

Use your existing digital marketing channels, from social to email to paid search, to make sure your current customers, and potential new ones, know about your upcoming deals. Don’t forget to submit special deals to Amazon for a fee a few months before each event: Amazon releases and promotes deals throughout the event, encouraging customers to check back frequently.

Target your high-value customers.

Your loyal customers will be delighted to shop your products on Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days. Focusing your promotional efforts on your high-value customers will bring them in on the days of the event and help convert their interest in your deals and discounts into sales. 

Follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines.

Your deals and promotions have to be in line with Amazon’s regulations, so make sure you check out Amazon’s guide to boosting sales and other Amazon resources to ensure your ad campaigns adhere to their standards.  

Working with NetElixir

If your business is prepping for the next Prime Day or gearing up for Black Friday and the holiday season, NetElixir’s digital marketing experts are ready to work with you to design a plan that meets your needs. Using our AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, we will help you identify, target, and win your high-value customers, on Prime Big Deal Days and every day. 

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