Case Studies

case studies


We’ve used our 10+ years of constant analysis and research to find the formula to solve search marketing.

Take a look below to see the proof of our success.

Services: PPC + SEO

Ames Walker has been selling compression hosiery, therapeutic shoes, and diabetic socks on the Internet since 1997. Read more about how NetElixir helped them increase revenue by 10% with a reduction in CPC by 40%.


Services: PPC + PLA has the largest section of authentic designer eyewear on the internet. Read more about how Netelixir helped them increase their revenue by 48% and ROI by 4.9%.


Services: PLA

Garmentory is a curated marketplace of indie boutiques and emerging designers. Read how Netelixir helped them increase revenue by 107% and increase conversions by 76%.


Services: PPC

The Kansas City Steak Company has been famous for shipping quality steaks since 1932.Read about how NetElixir increased revenue by 102% in 5 years.


Services: PPC + PLA + SEO

Shiekh has been a major retailer in the shoe and apparel industries since 1991. Learn about how NetElixir increased online revenue by 38%.