What’s New in Bing Ads Editor v10.7

What's New in Bing Ads Editor v10.7

Bing Ads Editor is an easy-to-use desktop tool for managing and optimizing Bing Ads campaigns offline, and is available for free download here. With Bing Ads Editor, it’s easy to optimize your Bing Ads campaigns anytime and anywhere with the offline flexibility it gives you. The latest version of Bing Ads Editor was released recently on Feb 18, 2015, and has already become a much talked about tool among search marketers for it’s new valuable features that will help boost campaign performances.

We’ve been testing the latest version for more than a week now to bring you our own insights on the tool’s new enhancements. Here’s what we found with our experience using the latest features, and why we think this tool is brilliant!

Editable Keyword Text: In the fast moving internet world, trends are constantly changing at lightning speed. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s of absolute importance to keep your keyword targeting updated. With this new enhancement, you can now keep editing your keywords offline and sync easily to the cloud, making updating your keyword text a breeze.

Improved Get/Post Changes: With the new ‘Get Changes’ option, you can now download specific campaign information easier than ever before. This means syncing large accounts will take less time, which gives much more flexibility to digital marketers. In Bing Ads Editor v10.7, we also now have the option to download basic campaign data or ‘more data’ that includes a first-page bid estimate, top-page bid estimate, quality score, an only active or paused campaigns option, and more. You can also see an estimate of the sizes for each item to be downloaded.

Radius Targeting: This new enhanced feature helps in managing radius targeting from the location targeting grid as well.

Logout Ability: Search marketer’s who work with more than one account previously had to close the editor app entirely to logout from an account. With this new update, now you can simply logout by clicking a button from currently logged in user credentials.

On top of those big changes, here are the other important usability updates that we’ve found useful in Bing Ads Editor v10.7:

  1. The ability to rename campaigns or ad groups from the left side browser pane by simply right-clicking on the campaign or ad group.

  2. An adjustable split edit pane both vertically and horizontally creates much more space for the user to make edits on a bigger (or smaller) workspace.

  3. Clickable ad preview options that when clicked on, display the destination URL/landing page validation window in a pop-up.

  4. The enhanced Find and Replace option now remembers your last entry, as well as displays the number of records changed after any action you take.

Using Bing Ads has never been easier than it is now with this enhanced editing tool. If you’re not already using it, now’s a great time to start.

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