Holiday Shopping Behavior – 4 Insights Revealed

Holiday Shopping Behavior - 4 Insights Revealed

Our recent webinar, Holiday Shopping Behavior: What to Expect from Your Customers, utilized data from our Google Consumer Survey to gain valuable insights on how people search and buy products. Our Director of Analytics, Don Rodriguez, walked us through some of our insights on holiday shopping behavior. Continue reading to find out four more insights!

Survey Methodology

  • We used the Google Consumer Survey Tool.

  • We surveyed over 1,000 customer.

  • We gathered responses on the week of September 27, 2016.

What Questions Were Asked?

Here is a quick overview of the questions that were asked for our survey.

  • How much of your holiday shopping is already complete?

  • What are you gifting this holiday season?

  • How important is brand name to you when buying a gift?

  • Where are you most likely to buy a holiday gift this season?

  • How many people are you shopping for this holiday season

  • While holiday shopping , I mostly use my mobile device to…

Some Notes

The methodology has some bias relative to the U.S. internet population. Our surveyors tended to skew male and a younger demographic.

Our survey revealed seven insights that you can utilize for a successful holiday season. Continue reading to find out more!


Age affects where people plan to shop.

  • Key Takeaways: Baby Boomers prefer picking up their ordered item in-store. This may be driven more by habit. Interesting enough, Millennials also exhibit a preference of ordering online and picking up in the store. This may be an outcome of their mobile shopping behavior and propensity to conduct “near me searches.”


82% place little or no emphasis on brand names when buying a holiday gift.

  • Key Takeaways: Buying preferences are increasingly influenced by price and promotions. The growth of marketplaces may be leading to brand commodification.


Gift cards dominate gift categories except for 18-24 year olds.

  • Key Takeaways: Millennials are more likely to gift an experience than tangible items, as compared to the other age groups. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry skews younger.


The largest percentage (62%) said they do all four shopping activities on their mobile devices.


  1. Research a certain product.

  2. Research a certain product. Research gift ideas in general.

  3. Research a certain product. Research gift ideas in general. Buy gifts online.

  4. Research a certain product. Research gift ideas in general. Buy gifts online. Search for coupons while in-store.

  • Key Takeaways: Retailers should focus on the whole funnel in their mobile experience. The largest group does all aspect of the purchase funnel on mobile. The usage skews younger in each activity. Researching certain products (as 1 indicated), retailers need to have their PLA ads working on mobile during the holiday.


Watch our full webinar to find out more today!

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