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(March 27, 2013) 12,000 businesses from 27 countries have experienced the power of LXRMarketplace tools. They have used one or more of these tools to make their sites “more find-able”. For Free!

We launched in November 2011. The purpose was to offer free SEO and SEM tools to small businesses around the world.
As a Company that has been deeply entrenched in the world of search marketing since 2004, we knew that there were thousands (actually, millions) of small businesses around the globe that were struggling to get their “website found”. They needed search marketing help. The 8 free tools @ help marketers run SEO and SEM programs more efficiently.

Here are some comments from users:
SEO Webpage Analysis Tool
– Excellent, informative. I’ve been looking for something along these lines and with a full complement of tools to boot.
– Great Tool. Really goes into depth. Great for those new to SEO and looking to improve their site.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool
This tool is absolutely wonderful! It gave me the insights I needed to make my page better than my biggest competitor’s site! Thank You So Much!
SEO Competitor Analysis Tool – Awesome!
This is an incredibly useful tool – what a help! Thanks Google Chrome for making this available for us to use.

Wonderful to see businesses benefit. We will keep adding new tools with the sole focus of helping businesses succeed in SEO and SEM.

– Udayan Bose

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