Trick or Treat – Not Just For Kids Anymore

Trick or Treat - Not Just For Kids Anymore

Traditionally, Halloween is viewed as a holiday for children to dress up and collect candy. While that’s still very much the case, search results show that data is more skewed towards adult costumes. 32% of all Halloween costume searches came from Generation X, people aged 35 to 49, followed by the Baby Boomers, aged 50 to 64, at 21%.

So, what were they searching for?

Top Searches
Although critics and fans tended to be disappointed in this year’s DC Comic’s film adaptation of Suicide Squad, it did seem to provide a great opportunity for Halloween costumes, with the top one and two costume searches being Harley Quinn and The Joker respectively.

DC Comics actually dominated with three of the top five searches. Wonder Woman rounded out the list in the number five spot, just after searches for superheroes and pirates. The popularity of Wonder Woman could be due to a new film adaptation that is set to hit theaters in 2017, or that Wonder Woman was just named an honorary ambassador to the United Nations this October. Or it could just be a coincidence.

Couple Costumes
Searches for couple costumes took a slightly different route than the overall top searches. The top searched couple costume this year came from the movie The Purge which saw the release of the third film in the series back in July of this year. This search was followed closely by searches for a deer and hunter, costumes from the 1978 movie Grease, Bonnie & Clyde, and vampires.

Dog Costumes
Halloween has gone to the dogs! If you are one of the lucky ones who can get your pet to wear a costume, perhaps you searched one of the following most popular costumes for your pup. Star Wars themed costumes were quite popular this year with an Ewok and Chewbacca coming in respectively as the second and fourth most popular searches. Searches for spiders took the top spot, and lions and pumpkins filled out the top five at numbers three and five.

Searches for dog costumes has grown in popularity over the years with over a 300% increase from 2004 until 2016.

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