The Success of PLAs Confirms The “Verticalization” of Search

Verticalization of Search

img_1Back in 2012 when Google unveiled Product Listing Ads, there was apprehension in the online community around whether they were ever going to be as lucrative as regular text ads or even organic listings.However, this hesitation quickly fell by the wayside. According to new research, digital advertisers have doubled their PLA spend and the number of PLA ads on Google is up 99%! In addition, PLAs now appear above both paid ads and organic results on Google’s SERP.

All this data clearly shows PLAs have become an invaluable revenue driver for retail search marketers. Those who turn a blind eye to the way search is now getting classified into different business verticals are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract more attention to their products.

As part of NetElixir University’s efforts to share knowledge and democratize information across the web, we conducted our most recent webinar on the extremely important topic of how to optimize your PLAs.

We have placed the webinar presentation below for your convenience. You can also watch the webinar recording on YouTube here.

In this webinar, we presented 5 proven mantras and research insights to run successful PLA campaigns. The tips we covered ranged from tactical tweaks such as maintaining high quality data feeds to marketing strategies such as how to hyper-target top selling products. All these techniques can help drive more traffic to your website and highlight your products right at the moment a customer is getting ready to buy.

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