The Role of Marketplaces in the Cookieless Future

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While Google may have given e-commerce businesses a break this summer by pushing third-party cookie deprecation off till the second half of 2024, forward-thinking marketers know that’s not a reason to be complacent about their digital marketing strategy. The shift in privacy expectations and regulations has already made marketing on social media more challenging, as the ability to target and re-target high-value customers has been curtailed. Thoughtful strategists have already begun making shifts in how they track and collect data

To prepare for the cookieless futures, brands are taking the time to refine SEO to improve search engine result page (SERP) rankings, find new ways to build customer loyalty, and collect first-party data. But it’s also critical to consider how to leverage existing sources of connection with your customers to optimize your advertising strategies. If your e-commerce business already has a presence on a marketplace like Amazon – or is considering creating marketplace stores – this is a great time to make sure your marketplace strategy is solid and delivering results. That means optimizing your content for discoverability, taking full advantage of the tracking and reporting marketplaces offer, and accessing and analyzing any first-party data marketplaces like Amazon make available to your business.

Maximize and Optimize Content for Marketplaces

Having a store on Amazon Marketplace is a great way to improve discoverability for your products and your business. But to be successful, your product content needs to rise to the top of SERPs outside the marketplace and to the top of the results within the marketplace. If you want to beat out your competitors for customers, your SEO and customer experience need to be on point, from insightful, on trend product names and descriptions, to how fast your images load, to the language you use for your ad campaigns. You need to keep your product metadata up-to-date and timely to ensure your products can be found and highlighted by Amazon’s and other marketplaces’ search algorithms.

Tap into Marketplace First-Party Data

If you are already an advertiser on Amazon, you are well aware that Amazon and other marketplaces have a wealth of first-party data on their — your — customers. By tapping into this data, your business can better connect with shoppers who are searching for products like yours. Amazon offers advertisers tools to track, measure, and optimize campaigns to get their products in front of exactly the right customer. While access to this data and these tools for non-advertisers may be more limited, it’s important to understand what resources are already available to you as a business with a store in the marketplace. 

Prepare for Cookie Replacements from Amazon and Others

The digital marketing ecosystem is always evolving, and players like Amazon and Google are actively searching for ways to track and analyze customer data that don’t rely on third-party cookies and do comply with privacy regulations. Amazon Web Services is working with a global advertising technology company, The Trade Desk, to implement Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) as a cookie replacement, and Google is developing a privacy-first web approach through their Privacy Sandbox that should allow marketers to reach consumers with targeted marketing across Google’s platforms. As an e-commerce business, staying up-to-date on industry developments will allow you to take advantage of new tools as soon as they’re released and keep ahead of your competition.

NetElixir is Here to Help

NetElixir’s e-commerce experts are ready to work with you on all your marketplace needs. With 18+ years of e-commerce experience, we know what will make your business stand out as an industry leader and set you on the right path. Our marketplace marketing framework draws on our 10+ years driving predictable and profitable results and gaining actionable insights for our clients.

NetElixir’s team of strategists will establish and expand your Amazon presence to drive profitable growth for your business. They use an integrated approach to provide you with the content, technical know-how, and real-time optimization needed to ensure the success of your new marketplace.

NetElixir’s experts can help with every aspect of marketplace marketing, including:

  • Store design: NetElixir’s experts will build your customized store from the ground up to support your business objectives and growth goals. We’ll work with you on everything from product title and description optimization to product management and customer review engagement. 
  • Analytics: Our expansive suite of analytics tools helps identify opportunities for your brand to get in front of the right customers at the right time. We stay on top of industry research, insights, and trends to offer you customized recommendations for featured and sponsored products to draw in and convert customers. 
  • Ad management: NetElixir offers full-service ad management for Amazon and for the Walmart and Instacart marketplaces. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to optimize their long-term and short-term ad campaigns for sustainable growth.

Contact NetElixir today to learn about our services for Amazon and other marketplaces

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