The incredible power of Social Keyword Sourcing

The incredible power of Social Keyword Sourcing

As paid search advertising arena gets increasingly competitive, the ability to identify fresh sets of keywords with potential to “convert” has become a key driver of success.

NetElixir works exclusively with ecommerce companies. In 2010, after multiple sessions of brainstorming the NetElixir team came up with a novel idea to source fresh keywords. An idea that was both powerful, elegant and sustainable. We called this – SOCIAL KEYWORD SOURCING.

What is Social Keyword Sourcing?

Social keyword sourcing is the unique process of  paid search keyword generation by tapping into relevant, real time conversations on social media channels like Twitter. 

Social Keyword Sourcing process is powerful because of the following reasons:

  • Hyper-targeted keywords can be identified by real time mining of social conversations around a brand, event, product, etc. The keywords have a very high relevance factor.
  • The keywords generated have a high probability of converting because of their tremendous social and situational relevance. (Example. my friend explaining over Twitter the experience of recent purchase has a high likelihood of triggering curiosity and getting me to conduct a search on Google about the “purchased product”).
  • The keyword pool is (seemingly) endless and driven by conversations. (A potential solution to the big challenge faced by every paid search marketer – 95% + conversions come from less than 15% of all keywords).
  • The CPC for the keywords identified through this process is low.. very low.. because of minimal (if at all any) competition.
  • The keywords also have high “assist value” (searchers are likely to start the search process with the precise “word/term” used by their social connection).

LXRBuzz is NetElixir’s social keyword sourcing tool that aggregates relevant brand conversations happening real-time on the ‘Twitter’ and then automatically splits the tweets into keywords around which Google Adwords campaigns can be built in real time. The entire process is completed in just 3 clicks and takes less than 60 seconds for the marketer.

We have been able to drive incremental value for our clients’ campaigns using LXRBuzz. With the explosive growth of social media conversations, LXRBuzz has been able to generate keywords that could not have been identified through conventional keyword search methods.

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