The Future of Search

Growing up in an age where the changes in technology are evolving almost faster than we can keep up, it’s hard to remember the power we have at our fingertips. As the advances in mobile become more defined yet intricate, so does our behavior.

Our mobile device keeps us intrigued with a glowing screen that spews information and entertainment anytime of day. We now have the freedom to ask our phone where we can get the best local pizza, what the next showtimes are for that upcoming blockbuster film, and we can even send high definition multimedia messages to distant lands quicker and farther than anyone in history could have ever imagined.

Beyond the features that have now become part of our daily lives, we even have our own personal assistant. The natural language search feature in search engines has become much more streamlined and accurate that you can ask a simple question in a conversational tone, as you would a friend, and your phone will respond based on your voice query.

View our infographic below, inspired from the keynote address in SMX West by Behshad Behzadi, Google’s Director of Conversational Search.


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