The Dual-Power of PPC & SEO

Many clients fail to recognize the value of combing PPC with SEO strategies… until the numbers come in. We recently acquired a client who was hesitant to bid on their trademark terms when they had been earning conversions organically on a regular basis. Makes sense – why sabotage your organic results?

Truth of the matter is – there are many advantages to running PPC campaigns alongside SEO results.

Search Engine Watch recent published a blog post on “3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies”. In their post, they discuss the benefits of aligning your search strategies between paid and organic.

Search Engine Watch points out that “There are countless studies that talk about the increase in brand awareness, and total impact of having both a paid and organic listing.” Brand awareness is key and often a driver in conversions. While companies may appear in the 1st or 2nd organic positions for most trademark terms, using PPC ads allows them to customize their message and include promotions and various ad extensions. While a customer may be searching for Brand X, when they come across a major promotion offered by Brand Z they may be likely to click that ad. Recently, we moved forward with PPC trademark ads for one of our clients… in just one week their conversions increased by more than 100% at little extra cost!

SEW also encourages companies to “Test and Research.” It’s true – if we had not been able to move forward with testing PPC vs. Organic, we would have missed out on potential customers. Numbers speak volumes. When your R/C jumps from 2 to 4+ just by integrating SEM with SEO, it the power of combing the two becomes evident.

For more information on aligning your PPC & SEO strategies, refer to Search Engine Watch.

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