The Best Ways to Use Paid Search Advertising

The NetElixir team is have a great time at the IRCE! It’s so exciting that the 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook is finally out!

The workbook is packed with tips and ideas for retailers to better their online marketing performances with many different services including, but not limited to, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media outlets, and more. Paid search advertising, or PPC, is very important to be conscious of and know how to use it in the best ways possible because if you do not, you are wasting unnecessary money!

Here are the 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook’s tips for Paid Search Advertising & why they are important —

1. Set specific, time-bound goals.

  • To track progress

2. Use Key Performance Indicators to measure success.

  • To be able to course-correct if things don’t go as planned.

3. Build new campaign set ups, well in advance, based on your marketing promotion calendar.

  • The quality (and effectiveness) of campaigns is better. Each campaign has a specific pre-established goal.

4. Build custom ad copies and landing pages around holiday promotions.

  • Higher conversion rate.

5. Use social media to track opportunities. Creat quick mini-campaigns to tap these opportunities.

  • Incremental conversions at low costs.

These are just some ideas to help improve your online marketing performance. The Fresh Ideas Workbook is compiled with many more ideas and tips just like these to improve your business and bring in more profits!


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