The 2015 Mobile Holiday Preparedness Checklist

The 2015 Mobile Holiday Preparedness Checklist

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Now that the holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching, as you continue to optimize your account it’s crucial to understand how your mobile users behave, and how much of your budget you should allocate for them for the remainder of Q4. To help you prepare, we’ve come up with the 2015 Mobile Holiday Preparedness Checklist for all the mobile paid search measurements you need to know now, in order to optimize the value of your mobile plan this holiday season!


1.   Impact of mobile web conversions

Calculate your number of direct mobile transactions, mobile revenue, and mobile’s contribution to your overall website revenue. If you’re not currently tracking this, you can do so by adding a conversion tracking code to the “Thank you” or the “Receipt” page of your mobile website.

2.   Impact of cross-device conversions

With 90% of people moving between devices to accomplish a goal and in a multi device world it’s important to consider cross-device conversions. Google has introduced estimated total conversions, which will appear when significant amounts of data are collected. With this feature, you’ll be able to measure how well mobile devices, tablets, and desktops are converting and how to change bids accordingly. If you are already tracking conversions then no additional setup is required to enable estimated total conversions.

3.   Impact of phone calls

Phone calls are an important and often overlooked metric which contributes to overall website sales. You can measure phone calls and sales that come from paid ads in two ways:

  • Call Extensions: A “Call” button that can be added to mobile ads. For tracking these calls in Adwords, use a Google forwarding phone number which can be integrated into your site.

  • “Call Only” Campaigns: Alternatively, you can test a “Call Only” campaign for mobile devices, where every click leads to a call.

4.   Impact of Device-To-Store

Mobile plays a key role in offline conversions as well, so don’t miss out on measuring this when calculating your mobile value. You can calculate this by tracking your “Store Locator” page visits. In addition, you can use click IDs to track offline conversions and then tie them back to AdWords clicks. We’d also recommend conducting A/B tests comparing your mobile investment in different geographies and then tracking in-store visits.

5.   Impact of Apps

If your website has a direct app to shop, make sure you keep track of users who have installed it, and how many of them then buy from your app or complete another desired action. App downloads and engagement can play a very important role in communicating offers and deals during the holiday shopping season. Make sure you’re prepared to promote in-app offers.

Before you decide what your mobile budget will be for the holiday shopping season, make sure you consider these 5 important mobile metrics and attributes to understand the full value of mobile for your website’s sales!

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