Manish Mohan

Manish Mohan

Sr. Director, Digital Media Strategy

Driving Client Revenue via Paid Search Ecommerce StrategiesIn my current role, I’m responsible for driving retail-focused paid media strategies spanning search, social media, and marketplaces. I’ve worked with businesses across verticals such as apparel, beauty, home and decor, sporting goods, consumer electronics, gifting, and gourmet food.

With the retail landscape undergoing massive changes across the globe, I focus on creating a profitability-focused omnichannel solution that analyzes the customer journey across various buying stages. I also leverage retail insights to generate the real value proposition from various machine learning and AI-based solutions in the paid media space. Before joining NetElixir, I worked with leading brands such as General Motors, Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Qantas Airlines, and Barclays.



What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?

Travel the world on a bike and write about how various cultures across the globe drive ethical behaviour into their people. The world needs ethics to survive!

What word/noise do you love?

The roaring sound from the engine of any car or bike.

If you could have dinner with any 3 people real, fictional, dead, or alive who would they be?

Iron Man, Tom Hanks, and Michael Schumacher.