#TBT: The Inaugural Taco Tuesday Extravaganza


What to others might have seemed like an average Tuesday afternoon, to the NetElixir US office it was a day unlike any other. Bland sandwiches and lackluster salads were left elsewhere, as instead the aromas of seasoned beef, creamy cheese, and freshly-cut tomatoes wafted their way through the office hallways. After what seemed like centuries, the cheery voice of our Special Projects Coordinator, Kelly Rafalski, broke the silence as she announced to the masses that at long last, “Lunch is ready!”

Yes, this could only mean one thing: Taco Tuesday had arrived.

A week prior, a handful of our NetElixir US team members huddled together in our second conference room, fondly known as “The War Room”, to brainstorm some new ideas to contribute to our company culture. After much deliberation and discussion (and quiet acceptance that a Bring Your Pet to Work Day may not comply with our building regulations), we settled on a few ideas we were ready to implement right away. The standout star of the brainstorming session, however, was none other than the now famous Taco Tuesday.

It did not take much convincing to get all of our team members on board (and I mean, really, who could resist the call of make-your-own tacos and various sides at work?), so when the next Tuesday rolled around on July 21st, we were ready to get this tradition underway.

By the time lunch came around, our food was delivered to us by a super nice On The Border employee (aka Goddess of Taco Tuesday Deliverance) and Kelly and I began unpacking the goods. We realized we may have been a bit overzealous in figuring out how much food our office could eat, but we’re a pretty determined bunch of search marketers, so we held out faith we could finish eating it all if we really put our minds to it. (In the words of our SEO Head, Shawn Swaim, “I’m done eating Mexican food only when there is no more Mexican food.”)

Once we got all of the food put out buffet-style, we could finally appreciate the spread. We had pretty much all of the Mexican essentials: make-your-own beef tacos, chicken enchiladas, cheese and onion empanadas, chips and queso, salsa, rice, black beans, and salad. Before we called everyone to come dig in, I quickly snapped some pictures of the untouched mountain of food to preserve the glorious moment in NetElixir history:

Admittedly, the task of finishing all of this fine On The Border cuisine proved to be too much even for us, so we packed up what remained of our Mexican feast to snack on for the rest of the week. (Taco Tuesday, it seems, has turned into Taco Week, but that’s more than alright with us!)

While for now those of us in the US office need to digest, we can’t wait to share with you some more of our upcoming company traditions in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

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