Structured Data Ranking Factor & Redirects – #ThisWeekInSEO

Structured Data Ranking Factor & Redirects - #ThisWeekInSEO

This week, September 13 – September 19, 2015, Google announced two important pieces of information for SEOs. First, they hinted that we can expect to see structured data become a part of their ranking algorithm, and then they confirmed that they recommend you keep 301 redirects active for at least one year.

Find out about the importance of structured data, how to properly set up 301 redirects, and everything else that happened #ThisWeekInSEO in our weekly video, led by our Global SEO Head, Shawn Swaim!

Watch this week’s video and find out:

  • How you can expect to see structured data help your SEO efforts

  • Why structured data is so important

  • How proper 301 redirects are crucial for a site relaunch

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your site’s SEO, request your free SEO Analysis with one of our SEO experts today!

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