Stop Losing Potential Buyers! Gain Success with the URL Auditor.

If your business has experienced a broken landing page on your website even as little as one time, your company is at serious risk for losing potential and current buyers.

NetElixir understands how detrimental this can be. Leading a potential buyer to a page with improper information or no information at all will most likely result in a lost sale and negative feedback regarding your company.

This problem can be easily fixed and stopped in seconds! The URL Auditor is a tool that analyzes landing page URL’s for your marketing campaigns to quickly determine those that are working and those that are not. The URL Auditor allows you to upload website URL’s individually or in bulk to easily get an overview of how many links are working and non-working.  Don’t drive potential customers away from your business any longer because of a problem that can be easily fixed. We are here to help you expand your customer base and keep your current customers satisfied. The URL Auditor will assure that customers find the exact information they are looking for.

The URL Auditor is another one of our three powerful, simple & FREE online marketing tools available on our newly released LXRMarketplace. If you haven’t already, try it & start improving your online marketing campaigns today!

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