Solving for X: Snapchat’s Instant Create Feature

With 203 million daily active users, Snapchat has plenty of people worth reaching (if only for several seconds). The social media platform has made it easier for businesses to leverage it for advertising with its newest feature, Instant Create. This tool creates ads in a few simple steps, pulling images from your site to make an ad that engages users based on what your objectives are.

Snapchat makes it easy to get an ad on their platform

All you have to do to get started is choose from one of the advertising goals it offers such as Website Visits, App Installs, or App Visits. Then, simply input the URL you want viewers to click through to, and check if you’d like to import photos from your site. From there, you’ll be in the business of reaching viewers on Snapchat in no time. So, what does this handy new application offer, and what’s Snapchat looking to accomplish? 

Lengthen Your Reach

For starters, this is a great opportunity for businesses who don’t have the time to build a robust ad portfolio or take full advantage of Snapchat’s advertising capabilities. We know there’s a significant number of Gen Z active on Snapchat, and Instant Create is a great way to reach them without investing too much time or resources. Instead of diving into the best ways to optimize to connect with users in Snap Games, you can get your presence up and running. If getting a single ad up and running on Snapchat’s network quickly is your goal, Instant Create is the perfect solution.

So why an ad creator? To start, Snapchat sees a business extension that has become pretty popular.

Instant Create provides a convenient method for businesses to get involved without heavily committing to a substantial ad presence. It also lets Snapchat flex their machine learning models to see how they interact with brand websites of all sorts. It’s a great way for Snapchat’s insights team to see the businesses that use Instant Create, what they’re trying to use it for, and what pages/images their model pulls to create the ad. By making their ad platform easier to access, they’re able to gain more data on what businesses are looking for from an advertising presence.

Here’s How You Can Solve For X

Snap To It

Give Instant Create a test drive to see how it build ads. By watching Snapchat’s model work, you can learn what it’s like in relation to each selected objective and review what makes the most difference. This information could be a fantastic way to improve your own team’s advertising.

Manage the Managers

As we referenced above, most social media platforms now have a built-in ad creator/manager to make it easier to get started. While you dabble in each, take notes on the UX/UI in each and see what you prefer. Of course, your results will vary from one platform to the next, but you want to find what works best while you learn more about what each platform offers.

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