Solving for X: Pinterest & Shop The Look Automation

pinterest shop the look

There’s something poetic about the latest development from Pinterest displaying spectacular vision.

The self-proclaimed ‘discovery tool’ has recently announced that their Shop the Look feature will now be fully automated, which is big news for retailers and businesses that can leverage the platform’s unique model. This shift, starting with home décor, has already led to a 22.5x growth in coverage along with a 7% increase in engagement, according to Pinterest Engineering.

These behavioral trends tell us that Pinterest users have comfortably adopted the browsing approach typically found in brick-and-mortar locations. This development is exciting, but not entirely surprising. The rise of search marketing automation is reaching a crescendo, with platforms seeing immense benefits for its staff and business partners.

A Perfect Match for Brands and Shoppers

A savvy retailer or marketer recognizes brand awareness and loyalty as a gold mine. Businesses can use Pinterest’s free product-tagging tool to link users to their brand’s website or specific product pages. These tagged Pins from the claimed website are the key since users can build out custom looks or designs with a variety of Pins. So, when it comes to creating something with a complimentary style, which company will have better-matching products than a single business?

With Shop the Look automated, users can curate their perfect design styles.

Empowering users with the ability to mix and match products, while reducing checkout latency, means your Pinterest ads will target shoppers who are closer to making a purchase. For larger retailers, Pinterest recommends working with their partners, Olapic and Curalate, to create Shop The Look Pins.

For users, this development means increased engagement as they browse and experiment with various combinations in longer page sessions, while they complete their desired look. A natural, consistent experience makes users more comfortable with the flow from shopping to purchase, while brands can better identify trends and insights from their Pinterest ad spend reporting.

Here’s How You Can Solve for X

Get Creative With Your Pinterest Ads

The more you can anticipate how a user will view your products or how they’ll incorporate them as part of their aesthetic, the better your targeting will be. Consider the distinct styles, functions, and attitudes your products are best suited for when Pinning them. Include several strategic approaches to cover all the reasons a shopper might view your product or overall brand as the best solution to their unique problem.

As the Shop the Look features becomes an integral part of Pinterest users’ purchasing funnel there will be plenty of opportunities for retailers to capture their users’ attention through products they’re already searching for. It’s worth integrating other features from Pinterest such as Promoted Pin and Promoted Carousels into your strategy. Influencer marketing is another solution that can be explored to promote your products, as well.

Keep an Eye On Voice 

Pinterest may be working towards something ingenious: functionality or partnerships with voice assistant devices, if not large-scale retailers. With the automation of Shop the Look, users could use Pinterest as a complementary tool as they explore brick-and-mortar location or figure out new décor for their home. A voice assistant device could help users filter out ideas with contextual words. For example, ‘formal’ or ‘casual’ to more specific queries like “wedding cocktail dress” or “men’s winter hiking gear.” This would send Pins to the user’s board to help them build their perfect design.

Is your Pinterest presence on point? Browse our latest consumer insights to learn more about the current digital shopping habits of consumers.

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