Solving for X: Harness the Power of Your Google Knowledge Panel

Knowledge is power, and that principle holds particularly true on a Google search results page. Even the most infrequent Googler has likely seen a knowledge panel in their searches. These information boxes appear on the right side of the SERP, offering a selection of relevant points and key pieces of information about the entity in question.

How Do Knowledge Panels Work?

Knowledge panels are powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph, a database of information collected by Google to better understand the relationships between various entities. The Knowledge Graph helps Google deliver the most relevant results possible for a specific search query, and knowledge panels are one way this is achieved.

For example, a search for “NetElixir” triggers our own knowledge panel, which includes our address (with a Google Maps embed), phone number, operating hours, Google reviews, a link to our website, and more.

NetElixir’s knowledge panel features a variety of info about our agency.

If you didn’t know anything about NetElixir, this panel is a decent place to start. Hopefully it would lead you to our site to learn more. But what can you do if the information in your knowledge panel is sparse or even nonexistent?

Claim What’s Rightfully Yours

Google now gives businesses, organizations, and other entities the ability to claim their knowledge panels, per Search Engine Land. By taking ownership of your knowledge panel, you can suggest edits to the panel such as providing missing info, fixing incorrect details, and more.

Like your Google My Business profile, a knowledge panel is an effective way to enhance your presence and visibility in search results. A full-fledged panel featuring essential information about your business, an eye-catching main image, and links to your social media profiles is more likely to attract the attention of potential customers than a barren box. If you publish Google Posts (and we recommend you do) to provide timely updates about your business and promotions, they’ll even show up in your knowledge panel, as well.

Here’s How You Can Solve for X

How to Claim Your Knowledge Panel

If a search for your brand triggers an unclaimed knowledge panel, we suggest you begin the verification process to take possession. How can you tell if a knowledge panel is claimed? A button that says “Claim this knowledge panel” will appear below any unclaimed panel.

Start the process of claiming your knowledge panel by clicking the corresponding button.

After clicking the claim button, you’ll be prompted through Google’s verification process. This requires you to sign in through one of three official sites or profiles to confirm you are an authorized representative of your organization. The options include:

  • YouTube
  • Google Search Console
  • Twitter

Once you’ve been verified, you’re free to suggest updates to your knowledge panel. This is a great opportunity to ensure you’re greeting searchers with a high-quality representation of your business on the SERP. Keep in mind that Google reviews suggestions based on publicly verifiable information, so you can’t bend the truth to reel in potential shoppers.

Knowledge panel management should be part of any modern SEO strategy. As Google continues making strides toward becoming an “answer machine” with an increasing percentage of no-click SERPs, the knowledge panel gives you a say in determining what information searchers see about your business in a prominent location on the results page. By making a positive impression through the knowledge panel, you can increase the likelihood that users will click through to your site and continue on the conversion path.

Interested in finding out how our team can help you build up your knowledge panel, along with other SEO services? Contact us to learn more!

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