Smart Cookies: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

The end of third-party cookies and the shift in consumer expectations and regulations around data privacy doesn’t have to mean the end of using data and analytics to reach your high-value customers. As you transition to new ways of tracking and reporting information in the cookieless future and make the switch to Google Analytics 4, it’s also time to think about how artificial intelligence (AI) can help your e-commerce business. Artificial intelligence is a set of tools, including machine learning, algorithms, and data modeling, which can be used analyze customer data and optimize content with the goal of improving key metrics such as campaign performance and customer conversion. Your business can use AI to develop insights into consumer trends and customer behavior that can inform digital marketing campaigns and shape the customer experience. 

At NetElixir, our proprietary AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, is a powerful tool for predictive analytics, from tracking customer journeys to forecasting which customers will return to make a repeat purchase to helping segment your customer base and identify high-value customers. By using AI to understand your customers, you can market effectively to high-value customers while offering a customer experience that will build brand loyalty and bring customers back to your site again and again. 

Tracking and Analyzing the Customer Journey 

A customer’s journey on an e-commerce site has many steps, from the first time they click through from a search engine list, an ad, or a social media post, to the moment they click submit on a purchase. By taking the time to track, analyze, and understand the first-party data collected during that journey, you can learn who your high-value customers are and which channels, touchpoints, products, and content are effective at reaching and converting them from a browser to a customer ready to make that final purchase. 

At NetElixir, we’ve found that high-value customers drive over 40% of revenue while accounting for only four to ten percent of the customer base. Marketing directly to this high-value segment of your customer base can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. LXRInsights uses predictive analytics and customer segmentation to help businesses find and target new high-value customers to improve your return on investment for each marketing dollar spent. 

LXRInsights helps your business find the answers to critical questions such as:

  • Who are your high-value customers and what sets their search-shop-buy behavior apart from other customers?
  • How many times does a high-value customer visit your website before making a purchase?
  • What are the various channel touchpoints for your high-value customers?
  • Which customers are likely to churn and which are likely to buy from you again in the next two months?

Targeting High-Value Customers and Improving Customer Experience with AI

AI tools like LXRInsights can help your e-commerce business use data to reach high-value customers and create a smooth customer journey that shoppers enjoy. Creating customer personas from the data gathered about your customer base can help your e-commerce business develop marketing campaign strategies aimed directly at the high-value segment of your customer base. AI can be used to predict what customers are searching for, what channels and touchpoints are the most valuable, and even to personalize the content – from ads and emails to product recommendations and loyalty programs – you use to reach key segments of your audience.

By understanding customers’ preferences, touchpoints, and shopping behaviors, you can target them at the right time, with the right product and right message, improving the likelihood that they will become a loyal customer while also creating a better shopping experience. AI can also ‌support the customer’s journey when a customer needs assistance, from feedback or request submissions to chat bots or a direct connection with customer service agents via chat or phone. At the end of the day, AI can be a hugely valuable tool to improve the relationship between customer and brand while growing your e-commerce business.

Ready to get started with AI?

Is your e-commerce business excited to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to inform your digital marketing strategy? Reach out to NetElixir to book a demo of LXRInsights today!

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