Paid Search & Shopping Campaigns That Deliver

Through data-driven models and millions of hours managing paid search, we help businesses across industries get the most out of their ad campaigns.


A Partner in Paid Search Management

Since 2005, we have invested over 7 million hours in building, managing, optimizing, and scaling paid search campaigns in Google and Microsoft Advertising for leading ecommerce businesses. Based on this aggregated experience, we have built a campaign management and optimization model that has consistently delivered predictable and profitable revenue growth for our clients.

Here are some of the elements of our formula that help us drive exceptional paid search results:

    Paid Search Strategy Models:

    A set of proprietary models that help us connect your unique business goals with reliable paid search outcomes.

    Marketing Strategy Transparency:

    An extensive operating plan that breaks down the strategic roadmap into clear executional elements and performance milestones so you’re always up-to-date on the status of your paid search campaigns.

    Customer Journey Mapping Technology:

    Our research shows that for most businesses, 65% of ecommerce revenue is driven by 15% of all customers. We have designed customer journey mapping technology that identifies high-value customer segments based on live path-to-purchase data. We are then able to target these customers more effectively and responsibly, thereby improving the quality of revenue you derive from paid search. FACES: Humanize Every Click for an in-depth look at how we analyze and derive actionable insights from consumer behavior.

    I recommend NetElixir highly. They continue to impress me with quick reaction times, in-depth knowledge, and strong results. Our PPC holiday sales have consistently been growing faster than our costs.

    –Bob Daberkow, Director of Marketing, Kansas City Steaks

    Premier Channel Partnerships:

    As one of the leading independent digital marketing agencies in the United States, we enjoy a premier partnership status with both Google and Microsoft. This provides us access to a regular flow of industry trends, market intelligence, and best practices. We also conduct intensive growth workshops with our channel partner teams for our clients. This partnership and status as a Google Ads Partner also affords us an intimate knowledge of Google Keyword Planner and the ability to provide superior Google ads management.

    Proven Framework for Managing International Paid Search Campaigns:

    We have over 12 years of experience in successfully managing and scaling complex paid search marketing programs in over 110 countries. By integrating Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Model in our paid search framework, we are able to successfully "glocalize" campaigns for different cultures.

    Continuous Testing in paid campaigns:

    We follow a "test, learn, grow" philosophy based on rapid experimentation to discover new ways to boost your performance.

Our team illuminated the way to 345% Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday revenue growth for Circa Lighting.


With a unique blend of high-tech and high-touch, NetElixir’s paid search and shopping solutions enable retailers to profitably discover, target, and acquire new customers in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

What gives NetElixir customers the edge with our paid search services? Our keen understanding of retail, deeply analytical mindset, and intelligent proprietary technology - all honed through more than a decade of experience helping retailers conquer search marketing and grow their online businesses. Competitive analysis in marketing also acts as a core component of our approach and further gives our paid search campaign strategists a lead in the Google ad management space.


NetElixir takes a deeply analytical, customer-centric approach to paid search, focused on identifying the unique contexts and behaviors that lead customers to purchase each product. We also track the metrics that are accurately aligned to your business model - for example, factoring context-specific shipping costs and return rates into profitability calculations.

Using sophisticated data-driven models, NetElixir decodes what makes your customers click, helping you develop highly targeted yet scalable strategies for efficient keyword bidding and customer conversion. Here’s how we do it:


Identify customer contexts based on:
  • Demographics
  • Device
  • Location
  • Engagement and recency
  • Sales funnel position
  • Time of day
  • Weather
  • New versus returning customer
  • Behaviors of similar customers


  • Product margins
  • Volume drivers
  • Return rates
  • Lifetime revenue / profitability
  • Big-picture visions and goals


  • Account structure
  • Keyword coverage
  • Investment allocations
  • Content creation
  • Context-specific strategies


  • Rapid testing
  • Real-time metrics
  • Manual and automated optimization
  • ROI-driven prioritization
  • Regular reporting
  • Idea forums
  • Client education


Find and acquire new
customers in a highly
targeted, scalable, and
cost-effective way
Identify and understand
your most valuable
customers – and where to
find more like them
Maximize true ROI using
metrics that are accurately
aligned with your
business model
Partner with retail
industry paid search
experts who put your
interests first


In their first three months with NetElixir, Century 21 Department Stores saw paid search revenue grow by over 80%.