SEO Strategies That Get Results

Our proven methods in technical SEO, content, and voice search strategy will enhance your search visibility and help you achieve your business goals.


Innovative Organic Search Solutions

NetElixir’s SEO solution is a full-service, end-to-end search engine optimization offering for retailers who want cost-effective, long-term, sustainable results. We give our clients the competitive edge they’re looking for through our intensely analytical approach, impeccable attention to detail, and dedicated focus on retail - with more than a decade of experience helping merchants find new customers, sell more goods, build their brand, and craft the strongest online presence possible.

Voice Search: With a rapidly growing amount of searches now occurring on devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, we’ll help your business take advantage of opportunities to appear in results for voice-activated queries. Read our Search Without Screens primary research report for deep insights into how consumers are using voice search and potential applications for ecommerce retailers.

Client Training: Our experts will educate your internal teams on how to properly apply current SEO best practices, including guidance in writing optimized content.

Premier Channel Partnerships: As one of the leading independent digital marketing agencies in the United States, we enjoy a premier partnership status with both Google and Microsoft. This provides us access to a regular flow of industry trends, market intelligence, and best practices. We also conduct intensive growth workshops with our channel partner teams for our clients.

Industry Expertise: NetElixir brings a wealth of experience to the table regarding SEO and how it impacts your overall performance. Whether it’s the latest Google algorithm update or another industry development, you can rest assured that we’re on top of it and putting together a plan of action for your business.

Technical Know-How and Implementation: From a full site crawl to implementing structured data, schema markup, metadata, and beyond, our team has the technical knowledge to optimize your site from top to bottom.

With a unique blend of high-tech and high-touch, NetElixir’s paid search and shopping solutions enable retailers to profitably discover, target, and acquire new customers in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

What gives NetElixir customers the edge? Our keen understanding of retail, deeply analytical mindset, and intelligent proprietary technology - all honed through more than a decade of experience helping retailers conquer search marketing and grow their online businesses.


Over the years, SEO has evolved from simple keyword research to a rich, multifaceted science involving factors as varied as mobile performance, video optimization, JavaScript, structured data usage, voice search optimization, the customer journey, and more. NetElixir helps our clients navigate this complex landscape using sophisticated analysis to identify and understand their highest value customers. We then leverage the search channel to find and attract more buyers just like those.

In order to achieve your organic search goals, we implement a two-pronged SEO approach comprising technical and content strategies:


  • Perform extensive site crawl to ensure page status codes are optimum.
  • Perform 301 audits to ensure best practices are followed in terms of user friendliness and redirect structure, with a strong focus as they pertain to ecommerce and retail sites.
  • Audit image size and ensure they’re optimized for site speed, especially on mobile devices.

Content Strategy:

  • Audit H1s and meta titles to ensure best practices are followed in terms of length, UI matching, and keyword targeting.
  • Optimize on-page content for both product page descriptions and category page descriptions as they pertain to ecommerce and retail site needs.
  • Ensure all images have the appropriate alt text in order to improve rankings and traffic related to those images.
  • Compose optimized long-form copy for ongoing content channels and ad hoc needs in order to support and drive traffic for promotional, campaign, and seasonal efforts.
  • Track key search terms and rankings to identify opportunities for future content, ensure the correct terms are ranking on the correct landing page for optimal UI/UX, and boost presence in SERPs for results such as Featured Snippets, Local 3-Pack, and People Also Ask.
  • Content Gap Analysis: Identify not only terms you already rank for using tracking tools, but also high-volume, lead-qualified, converting terms you should be trying to rank for.
  • Matching Ranking to UI: Identify if any high-volume/high-opportunity terms are ranking on irrelevant or poorly matched pages, or non-conversion-optimized pages.
  • Catching Long-Tail Keywords: Identify opportunities for content based on long-tail terms that either convert or can point to converting terms and pages.


Improve search rankings
in a sustainable, cost-
effective way.
Identify, understand,
and attract high-value
customers through search.
Build long-term brand
Boost returns across all
online marketing channels
with a highly effective seo


What is your procedure for implementing SEO?

Depending on the amount of access the NetElixir team is given on a project, we can implement content directly to your CMS platform. NetElixir has a readily available MarTech team to implement technical recommendations, as well.

Do you optimize for search engines besides Google?

Yes, we also provide optimization solutions for Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

How long will it take to see results from your SEO/organic search solutions?

The infamous SEO question along with the equally infamous answer: It depends. It always will, especially with the ever-changing nature of SEO. It all varies depending on industry, brand authority, past marketing efforts, and other factors.

How do you conduct an SEO competitor analysis?

We generate an analysis for competitors based on keyword research, UX, mobile speed, and site architecture. By utilizing our findings, we can find any low hanging fruit for quick wins against competitors.