Local SEO Strategies That Get Results

Harness the power of changing technology and shopping behavior with your overall marketing goals by partnering with NetElixir’s Local and Voice Search SEO experts.


Local SEO & Voice Search

Harness the power of changing technology and shopping behavior with your overall marketing goals by partnering with NetElixir’s Local and Voice Search SEO experts.

Why is Local SEO important to Your Business?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a business, product, or service for a search query that is location-specific. It provides potential customers with the information they need for local searches.

Local search on mobile devices has increased by 900% compared to previous years, and 18% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a sale within 24 hours. A strong local SEO strategy opens your market reach to much more lead-qualified customers with a higher intent to convert quickly.

Search engine queries with “near me” and “nearby” have increased by 900% compared to previous years and 55% of users use voice search to ask questions on a smartphone.

Usage of voice technology in the Local Business strategies has increased significantly as 58% of consumers find local businesses through voice searches.

How NetElixir Boosts Your Local Business

Our experts will help you in optimizing your business's website for local search queries and optimizing both your business's Google My Business page and Bing Places page. NetElixir’s experts build your local business profiles in other online business directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, etc.

We’ll make sure that your business adapts features such as Google Posts, Product Catalog, Business Descriptions, and more, which can increase your local 3-pack rankings. Our team will also enhance your content with long-tail keywords for popular searches used in voice search, which mainly focus on natural language and speaking patterns by region.

In some industries, our strategies help your business to appear on Google Snack Pack Box, which displays the top 3 local business listings most relevant to the search enquiry.

NetElixir’s Approach

Our analysts begin by auditing your GMB and Bing Place profiles to determine the best way to improve your business performance for local searches.

We’ll also work on an extensive checklist to ensure all technical factors are accounted for with your Local SEO, which helps us learn the opportunities to enhance your business reputation, ultimately helping to gain new customers.

Our SEO analysts will:

  • Evaluate your business information across all the listings and we'll ensure that your business information is correct and error-free local presence.
  • Check your Google My Business and Bing Places profiles and determine the optimization strategies which promotes your brand identity for your target location.
  • Make sure to add your business listings to the niche local business directories such as Foursquare, Yelp, etc. based on your brand.
  • Generate unique and quality content for your product offers and post them using Google Posts feature.
  • Create a product catalogue for different categories with optimized product descriptions
  • Write business descriptions using navigational keywords and voice search-related keywords which includes conversational search queries.
  • Finally, our local SEO experts will measure your business performance and provide recommendations on Reviews strategy.

Bring Customers to your Local Business:

Let NetElixir’s local SEO experts help you to increase your traffic by ranking for local searches. Our strategies will help your business build users trust and target the right audience to reach your brick and mortar business.