Google Shopping

google shopping


When you go shopping for shoppers, Product Listing Ads can find them right at the point of purchase. But just like a Black Friday Sale, you should come prepared for battle. Which is why we create quality data feeds and manage bids for a better ROI. It’s why we have dedicated content teams continuously optimizing product titles to push them to the front of the line. And that’s the quickest way to the checkout.


Using Google Shopping’s latest features we’ll closely monitor your top competitors data to help you find the most competitive bid.

We constantly enhance product titles and description lines based on top conversation terms to increase CTR’s and conversions.

To ensure quality data feeds, we use our LXR technology which helps update prices and remove out of stock items so you never waste budget.

By adding merchant promotions and special offers at the moment of purchase we increase CTR and conversion rates.

With our long retail knowledge we can help identify and customize bidding strategies for your best selling products

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