Amazon SEO Strategies That Get Results

Work with NetElixir’s Amazon SEO experts and our proven framework to maximize your revenue in the largest online store on the market.


Why is Amazon SEO Important for Marketing?

Amazon functions as a search engine just like Google’s search engine. It has its own algorithm designed to provide significant importance to what customers see, especially in terms of positive past customer engagements. For instance, the Amazon A10 algorithm aims to increase visibility specifically for listings with authentic reviews and sales. This algorithm gives preferred weightage to the relevancy of a product rather than paid sponsoring through pay per click campaigning.

To give an idea of potential visibility through an Amazon store and stronger appearance in its Search Engine Results Pages, 66% of shoppers start their search for a product on Amazon. Optimizing the Amazon Product listing pages to rank more highly in Amazon searches for related keywords, and gaining an improved click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR), not only helps with improved Amazon store performance but also is also effective as part of an addition to overall marketing efforts.

Amazon SEO = Optimizing Product Listings = Better Rankings = More Visibility = More Sales

How NetElixir Boosts Your Rankings on Amazon

Our experts will help you enhance your product listings with innovative optimization strategies following the best practices and guidelines of Amazon to increase your rankings, online visibility, and sales.

Our SEO analysts help your products to become the choice of Amazon shoppers by targeting potential keywords. Our experienced team can create optimum product copy (title, bullet points, descriptions and content) to improve your rankings in Amazon search results.

Our competitor analysis will also help you to understand and choose the best pricing for your products.

Additionally, we assist with extensive brand store optimization, which improves brand awareness and persuades shoppers to purchase your product.

NetElixir’s Approach to Amazon SEO

NetElixir’s SEO experts begin by auditing your products to see how your product listing was created and determine the best way to improve your product. Our analysts also work on a thorough SEO checklist for each of your products, which helps us to find out the opportunities to enhance your product listings.

  • Keywords Research & Analysis - Finding and targeting potential keywords to target the right audience.
  • Competitor Research - To understand your competitor’s keywords and pricing strategies.
  • Product Listing Optimization - To identify the opportunities to enhance your product listings and determine the strategies to improve.
  • Product Copywriting - To generate the unique, quality and optimized product copy to increase sales.
  • Image Optimization - Make sure your product is following Amazon's best practices for Product Images. This helps to increase CTR’s.
  • Brand Store Optimization - To create the brand store and increase its performance.
  • Ongoing Product Optimization - To track the performance of the enhanced products and continuously monitor the opportunities to improve your rankings.

Don’t Miss Out on Organic Rankings on Amazon / Bring SEO to Your Amazon Strategy

Let NetElixir’s team bring their expertise and tools to your amazon product listings today. Our service ensures you’re always ahead of your competition and helps your products to rank in Amazon Search Engine Results Page.