#SEOWeek: The State of SEO 2017 [Recap]


What an exciting first day of #SEOWeek: The State of SEO 2017! We covered so much in a short period, so if you missed any second of our webinar, here’s a helpful recap.

What does SEO mean?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means giving the searcher the “right value proposition.” In other words, what they search for should be what they get online. Just a couple of years ago, Google was the search engine monopoly. Today, Google has to compete with social media SEO from platforms like Facebook. Social media is now the prime competitor to web search and plays a crucial role in the purchase decisions for consumers. In other words, the SEO of 2017 is a complex ecosystem of multiple platforms and technologies.

Remember the Algorithm Updates of 2016?
We looked back fondly on a few of the changes Google put out that greatly affected the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). One of them was when Google made major changes to AdWords, removing right-hand column ads entirely and rolling out four-ad top blocks on many commercial searches. It had significant implications for Click-Through Rate (CTR) for both paid and organic results, especially on competitive keywords. Another was the Penguin update, which nudged websites to conduct backlink analysis on the reg to encourage citation flow and domain authority.

So what Happened in 2017 so Far?
Our SEO experts went over the latest algorithm updates and what they mean for current e-retailers. The biggest was the mobile-first roll-out, which started at the tail end of 2016. The team then went through the nitty gritty techy details of how to survive this major requirement.

The Takeaways
We ended our first day by giving participants five action items they should right implement to get ahead in SEO. These include making your website mobile-first ready, altering your content to fit RankBrain, using analytics to your advantage, and much more.

If you missed out and need to know more, don’t hesitate to watch the video on our site.

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