SEO101 from NetElixir’s 1st Search & Analytics Workshop!

Liz SEO Presentation

As the SEO Manager for NetElixir, I had the pleasure of speaking about SEO tips and best practices at the 1st Search & Analytics Workshop this past Wednesday.

SEO has gone ‘mainstream’ and what I mean by that, is if you mention ‘SEO’ these days, most people don’t look at you like you have two heads. But, there is still a lot of mystery and interest around SEO. One reason for this could be the considerable potential SEO can deliver; second SEO has always been seen as a more even playing field than many other marketing tactics. There has been so much information about SEO circulating over the years and depending on when you got your information – it could be very outdated.

The basics of SEO haven’t changed that much since the early years. The content on your site, and in the code of your site and the links pointing to your site all matter in where your site will rank. But, so much more is now taken into consideration for a site to rank well in the search engines. Google looks at site engagement – how users interact with your site. Do visitors coming from Google stay on your site or do they go back to Google; do they visit many pages of your site? The quality and speed of your site matter. Does your site deliver unique and informative content? Is your site slow to load? Additionally, social media now plays a noticeable role in SEO – it has become very beneficial to have all your profiles set up and properly linked – then you need to interact! There are so many more factors and intricacies involved in SEO, it is crucial to stay informed!

NetElixir’s goal is to inform and educate those interested in search marketing. In the presentation we covered a brief history of SEO, how Google ranks websites, SEO best practices and some common myths and facts about SEO. At the end I answered many questions about SEO – giving tips on simple things that can be done to help a website perform better in Google, and the attendees walked away from the session with a greater understand of SEO and why it is so important to pay attention to when it comes to search marketing!

Written by Liz Donkus, SEO Manager

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