A Full Recap of the X = {Search Marketing Boot Camp}


As our first NetElixir University West Coast event wrapped up last week, our partners, friends and teammates shared and discussed valuable insights and original research on search marketing strategies and tactics.  We’re here to share some of these findings with you from NetElixir’s X = {Search Marketing Boot Camp}.

Bob Dillon, Google’s Director of Agency Sales, North America, discussed the opportunities and impact of micro-moments and creating a frictionless experience for consumers on mobile.

  • Mobile represents 51% of digital time spent, but only 8% of ad spend.
  • Online companies must be there, be useful, be quick, and connect the dots for consumers.

Beth Monda, Teleflora’s VP of eCommerce, spoke on building customer loyalty and engaging users.

  • It is crucial to understand your industry and competition and respond accordingly to the choices and decisions the consumer is making.
  • Creatively think of ways to engage your consumers in building loyalty, be useful and increase repeat purchases.

Udayan Bose, NetElixir’s Founder and CEO, discussed the importance of tracking online shopper behavior and using the findings to craft successful marketing campaigns.

  • Mine data to gain insights on your customer’s path to purchase.
  • Create a narrative for your high-value customer using the 10 Questions.

Manish Mohan, NetElixir’s Senior Paid Search Analyst, shared paid search hacks for driving  results.

  • Implement mobile specific and personalized strategies to build a pool of mobile shoppers that are more likely to convert.
  • Engaging customers with highly customized & location specific ads could provide higher Click-Through Rate, also be sure to consider time zones.
  • Build customer segments around price preference and products within that range to enhance the lifetime value of customers.

Shawn Swaim, NetElixir’s Global Head of SEO, explained SEO hacks for optimizing the organic consumer experience.

  • Use a standardized library to make your website mobile-friendly.
  • If you’re replatforming, make sure you address your changing URLs and keep your content steady and consistent; missing 301 redirects is the quickest way to lose traffic unnecessarily.
  • Grab traffic with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), implement words and phrases that are related to your categories and keywords.
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