Retailification: Leveraging Google Shopping

Retailification: Leveraging Google Shopping

As online shopping is becoming increasingly omnichannel, retailers need to take special care to capture their audience at the right moment. It has become imperative for advertisers to showcase their ads throughout the customer buying journey to hook users better. Because of this, the “retailification” process has become more complicated than ever before, as consumers are shopping across multiple channels and the retailer has to become smarter to capture them, no matter where they are.

Fortunately, Google Shopping ads help advertisers face these challenges, as they have infused the verticalization of retail with online paid search very effectively. In this blog, NetElixir’s Shopping Guru Team highlights some of the key benefits of using Google Shopping to reach your customers throughout their shopping journey.

1. Local Inventory Ads: Be local

Local inventory product ads help shoppers find out whether local stores have the items they’re looking for, as opposed to purchasing strictly online. Since they’re based on the user’s location, these ads form a perfect instrument for retailers who strive to bridge the gap between offline and online channels.

2. Merchant Promotions: Attract shoppers with offers


Google Shopping ads allow advertisers to show available deals and offers on specific products, right within the product ad. With this feature, retailers are able to showcase their offers to potential customers right away, and can manage them easily to show only when the offers are valid. One of clients utilized Merchant Promotions to increase their revenue by 12% and their conversion rate by 4%!

3. Dynamic Remarketing: Don’t let users disappear

Users who have browsed your website looking for a specific product are definitely at least in the middle of the shopping funnel. If they happen to leave your site without completing their purchase, dynamic remarketing allows you to show them ads based on the products they previously viewed, with the possibility of luring them back with an additional offer. One of our clients was able to increase conversions by 92% and ROI by 26% by implementing dynamic remarketing!

4. Google Trusted Store & Product Ratings: Be more authentic

Customer ratings and reviews give potential shoppers the support and reassurance they need to complete their purchases. Google Shopping lets you take advantage of this with Google Trusted Store and Product Ratings. Becoming a Google Trusted Store helps assure users that your site provides a great user experience. Similarly, Product Ratings enable reviews and ratings at the product level, and just like the Google Trusted Store badge, it helps your users feel more comfortable making a purchase from your site. One of our clients added a Google Trusted Store badge and as a result, they increased their overall revenue by 79% and their ROI by 36%!

Enabling all the above features in your PLAs helps make them more ROI-effective and user-centric.  You’ll be able to better allocate your advertising spend to capture your best audience right when they’re ready to shop!

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