Retail Ecommerce Updates for the End of May

Retail Ecommerce Updates for the End of May

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Retail Ecommerce Updates by Industry

One day of retail ecommerce updates shows small changes in how consumers are navigating the new digital landscape. One sale, one search offers the possibility of making one more connection.


As we move along the road to recovery from the coronavirus outbreak, we need to monitor the daily data to see how our consumers are shopping. We can connect with and engage our customers effectively if we know how, when, and where to meet them.

We compared the daily data for May 31 to chart year over year changes between 2019 and 2020.

Food and Grocery

Our relationship with food and grocery has evolved throughout the course of the pandemic. What we consume impacts our mental health, so by choosing healthier and local options and by eating together as a family, we can create new food habits. Comparing the daily data for the Food and Grocery retail category on May 31 for 2019 and 2020, we saw:

  • Website conversions increased 77%.
  • Transactions increased by 185%.
  • The average order value (AOV) decreased by 33%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders decreased by 18%.

Brief Apparel and Gifting Updates

Over the course of one day, the Apparel retail industry saw:

  • Website conversions decreased 38%.
  • Transactions decreased by 38%.
  • AOV increased by 4%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders increased by 45%.

The Apparel industry’s increase in AOV is a positive sign as we move toward the road to recovery. Most categories see higher website activities, but those customers shopping for clothes and accessories are spending more in one order than last year.

The Gifting retail industry has seen phenomenal growth over the course of the coronavirus outbreak, but year over year changes for May 31st, from 2019 to 2020, showed:

  • Website conversions decreased 39%.
  • Transactions increased by 9%.
  • AOV decreased by 35%.
  • Percentage of mobile orders decreased by 7%.

Brief Home Furnishings, Pet Supplies, and Tools Updates

On one day, the Home Furnishings retail category did not see much change year over year:

  • Website conversions increased 2%.
  • Transactions increased 3%.
  • AOV increased less than 1%.
  • Percentages of mobile orders increased by 4%.

The Pets Supplies retail category continues to have strong year over year growth:

  • Website conversions increased 20%.
  • Transactions jumped 82%.
  • AOV decreased by 7%.
  • Percentages of mobile orders increased by 32%.

The Tools and Hardware retail industry has also grown year over year from new opportunities. Comparing the daily data from 2019 and 2020 for May 31st, we see:

  • Website conversions decreased 5%.
  • Transactions skyrocketed by 93%.
  • AOV increased by 35%.
  • Percentages of mobile orders increased by 35%.

Consumer Sentiment

online shopper sentiment

Consumer sentiment is shifting as we move into new phases of reopening during the coronavirus outbreak.

Throughout the lockdown, consumer sentiment has shifted as new habits have emerged to combat the new reality. The digital landscape is transforming: consumers want social ads to return to normal. What does a “normal ad” look like? That depends on the post-pandemic world we create and design; consumers want guidance on how brand’s new products or services could benefit them in the post-pandemic world. A prior study by Mobile Marketer showed that early on in the outbreak, over one-third of consumers wanted advice from brands on how to stay safe, but now these consumers are looking toward the future.


McKinsey & Company finds that consumers will likely stick with brands they found during the pandemic. Many consumers will continue their digital behaviors, though responses that were specific to the coronavirus pandemic, like remote learning and curbside pickup, will likely subside as we forge a new normal.

Additional Insights

Our Covid-19 Updates Webinar series can be viewed in its entirety. Our sixth installment, Road to Recovery: Business Insights & Lessons From Ecommerce Leaders, will air live Thursday, June 18 at 2 PM ET. At this, we will continue to share real-time ecommerce data from June,and host a roundtable discussion with retail industry leaders.

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