Preparing for the Cookieless World With Google Analytics 4

Prepare for the cookieless future with Google Analytics 4

The cookieless world will change how marketers gather and use information about their customers along the buyer’s journey.

But this does not mean that all your customer data will be completely lost in the privacy-first era. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can empower marketers to bridge the gaps in user identity and conversion measurement caused by the impending third-party cookie deprecation. While it will be a challenge to overcome, preparing for the cookieless future now will help make the transition seamless.

Today, we explore some key insights to get you started with how GA4 will help you thrive in the cookieless world.

How Google Analytics 4 Will Work in the Cookieless World

GA4 is Google’s future-proof analytics platform that is already aligned to the heightened privacy expectations. It has built-in compliance to regulatory developments such as GDPR, CCPA, etc., so you don’t have to worry about compromising customers’ privacy. For instance, GA4 automatically anonymizes a user’s IP address, which is considered personal data under GDPR restrictions.

What makes GA4 different from Universal Analytics is that the platform’s tracking is completely event-based, while Universal Analytics is session-based. Google Analytics 4 categorizes different events to provide more detailed information about every activity a user takes.

From a data collection standpoint, GA4 offers more data controls for users to better manage how they collect, retain, and ultimately use analytics data. With better control comes a stricter adherence to privacy standards.

Better control over your data also provides more granular control for ad personalization. GA4 lets users choose when to use data to optimize ads and when to limit data use to measurement.

Enhancing Audience Profiles with a Machine Learning Algorithm

The platform is built around machine learning, so GA4 will develop and grow over time to learn from and predict your brand’s consumer data. The machine learning algorithm will be used to define predictive metrics that are currently live and those that will be added by Google over time. These predictive metrics are used to decode and ultimately predict customer’s online behavioral patterns to define more accurate audiences, even without third-party cookie identifiers.

Omni channel technology of online retail business will be made easier with GA

The machine learning algorithm of Google Analytics 4 can help marketers build out customer and audience profiles.

Currently, third-party cookies are the prerequisite for conversion measurement and attribution. In the cookieless future, GA4 will:

  • Allow you to create audiences based on churn probability to better reengage and recapture new and existing customers.
  • Use conversion modeling powered by machine learning to bridge any gaps when a subset of conversion cannot be fully tracked without those third-party cookies.
  • Use advanced machine learning to track cross-device and cross-platform user journeys.
  • Automatically surface relevant insights around your consumer behaviors. For example, GA4 can show you a rise in demand for a certain category based on a change in new customers’ activity.

The more detailed user information a machine learning can pull the better. A stronger base for machine learning algorithms allows them to make more accurate and informed predictions — which allows marketers to build more successful campaigns.

How NetElixir Can Help You Succeed on GA4 in the Post-Cookie World

NetElixir can take care of the complete technical implementation of GA4 across standard e-commerce platforms including Shopify, MIVA, and WooCommerce. Additionally, NetElixir can help you with:

  • Customizing the tracking pixels for more advanced tracking.
  • Upgrading your tracking pixels to GTM or global site tag prerequisite for GA4.
  • Data validation and other setup-related maintenance checks after the implementation.
  • Establishing some best practices around reporting, insights, audiences, and events over time.

GA4 can help you make the most out of your customer data, but for specific questions into implementing GA4 across your e-commerce website,request a consultation with our experts today.

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