Prepare For the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season with 10 Proven PPC Tactics

Prepare For the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season with 10 Proven PPC Tactics

Once again, holiday shoppers are pressured to begin their travels for the perfect gift early. There are only 27 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, making online shopping a priority for many who are pressured to buy all of their gifts before the jolly, bearded man in the red suit hops down their chimneys.

Not only are shoppers feeling the pressure of a shortened holiday season, but search marketers are also pressured to get their act together if they want to connect with online consumers. If 2013 taught us anything, there are major opportunities for search marketers to gain traction with online consumers as they move toward the shortened holiday season.

Lessons Unwrapped From 2013 Holiday Season

  • Holiday Shopping Spend in November 2013: 9.3% increase over two year period
  • Holiday Shopping Spend in December 2013: 13.1% increase over two year period
  • Holiday promotions will begin in October and run well into January (post-holiday clearance sales)
  • Top factors which influenced online holiday sales: Free Shipping & Overnight Delivery
  • Mobile holiday shopping growing! Smartphone and tablet sales represented 19.1% of online sales last December

The holiday shopping season includes several events that drive growing online sales, particularly for mobile shopping. In 2013, mobile traffic on Black Friday grew 34% compared to 2012, and mobile traffic on Cyber Monday grew 45% compared to 2012. The information mentioned above, along with the Holiday Tips composed by our team PPC experts can help you develop a successful holiday retail strategy.

The first part in developing a successful holiday retail strategy is understanding what the biggest digital shopping days of the season are, which are Cyber Monday and Black Friday. The second part to the equation is understanding how to drive sales on those top online shopping days. If you had “develop a successful PPC strategy,” on your Christmas list, you can cross that off right away!

The NetElixir PPC Specialists have a few early presents for online advertisers and retailers to unwrap before Santa makes is magical journey from the North Pole. Our Holiday Tactics 2014 White Paper will provide you with tips on how to increase revenue during the holiday season, including maximizing profits during peak shopping days. Here is a sneak peak at what our tips can be expected from our White Paper:

  • Create Holiday-Themed Campaigns
  • Have A Shared Budget In Mind
  • Expand Coverage Of Holiday-Related Queries

The holiday season can be an uncertain time for retailers, especially since consumer buying habits are evolving at a rapid pace. Our holiday PPC tactics are designed to alleviate stress levels, so you can set yourself up for success.

By taking advantage of our latest holiday PPC tactics, you will be giving yourself the best present of all! Our team is always available to speak with regarding PPC services. Contact us today to learn how you can take your paid advertising efforts to the next level!

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