Preferred Domains & “OK Google” – #ThisWeekInSEO

Preferred Domains & “OK Google” - #ThisWeekInSEO

This Week in SEO

This week, October 18 – October 24, 2015, Google clarified some SEO best practices, as well as made a major update to Chrome for desktop. Find out about these Google updates and everything else you need to know that happened #ThisWeekInSEO in our weekly video, led by our Global SEO Head, Shawn Swaim!

Watch this week’s video and find out:

  • When and where you would need to use the preferred domain feature

  • Which Chrome Desktop feature has left the building

  • Why Google removed this feature and what it could mean

Lastly, we’ve been hearing rumblings of a new algorithm coming — make sure you stay tuned for next week’s video for full coverage on what could be coming, what’s changing, and how it could impact you!

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