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We live our lives online, from connecting with loved ones and colleagues and shopping for groceries and gifts to how we manage our money and pay our bills. If you’re an e-commerce business, your web presence needs to welcome potential customers through your virtual door, make clear to them exactly what your business offers, and ensure the conversion process is as easy as possible no matter what device your customer uses to shop.

It’s a lot to consider! But in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, there are research and data-informed ways to leverage optimized content and technology to keep your site ahead of the competition. Your web presence should be designed to improve customer lifetime value, drive cross and up-selling, and encourage high-value customers to love your brand and keep coming back to purchase from you. At NetElixir, we live by the motto: “Say No To Average”. Why would you want an average e-commerce site when you could have an amazing site that grows your business?

What Are The Top Signs Your E-Commerce Business Has A Successful Web Presence?

Your site has clear, consistent branding, which makes it easy for the customer to recognize your business, no matter what page they are on. Almost 50% of customers are likely to let businesses use their consumer data if they like the brand, which is more important than ever given recent changes to data privacy restrictions.

Your site has a seamless user experience (UX): it’s easy to browse, to search, and to buy. If your customers know what they want, they can find it quickly and convert to a sale – and if they don’t know, your site makes it simple to explore your products and services. With an omnichannel marketing approach, your site is easy to get to and navigate regardless of your customer’s point-of-contact. Whether a customer clicks on a link from a search engine or an ad, whether they are navigating from an iPhone, an Android, or a laptop, your site looks awesome.

Your site’s technology is up-to-date and secure. Your customers conduct their business easily and trust you with their data and their personal information. Good web development is forward-thinking! How people access your site will continue to evolve and your e-commerce  site is flexible enough to meet those changes.

Your site includes tools to support advanced analytics that measure every moment in a user’s purchase journey, helping you build a deeper understanding of your customer and their pain areas to develop a frictionless path to purchase.

When Should You Consider Creating Or Updating An E-Commerce Site?

How long has it been since you refreshed your site or migrated to a new e-commerce platform? If it was 2015 or earlier, your site is likely not mobile-friendly – and it’s probably slow. What a turnoff for potential customers! If you’re dealing with a slow site, constantly fixing bugs, or struggling to get your site to perform simple tasks other businesses’ sites can handle, your site requires an upgrade. You may need technical help to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry standards, SEO algorithms, and customer demand. 

If your site functions as it should but it’s not attractive and the content is outdated, it’s due for a refresh. And if you were working with another developer and they left you high and dry, it’s definitely time to get the job done right.

What Can NetElixir Do For You And Your E-Commerce Site?

Literally everything! We can build you a fresh site from scratch, we can take over a half-baked project from an unreliable developer, we can migrate you to an all-new platform, and much more!

  • Branding: We help you create clear, consistent branding for your e-commerce business so your customers build a strong connection with your brand.
  • UX Design: We develop engaging designs for your website and optimize your user experience to improve performance.  
  • Technology: We work with you to figure out how to develop your e-commerce site so it meets not only your present needs but also your future requirements.
  • Analytics: We include NetElixir’s proprietary customer analytics technology, LXRInsights, and in-built SEO framework in every website build and migration. 

We also provide full-funnel solutions including paid search, SEO, social, retail media, content creation, and more to ensure your website is built to drive success.

What Makes NetElixir’s Web Development Services Different?

With 18+ years of experience, NetElixir specializes in retail e-commerce. We’ve developed proprietary frameworks for design, development, and quality assurance to make sure we understand your business priorities and get it delivered. 

If your e-commerce business has unique features or a complex product portfolio, NetElixir will determine your current and future requirements and tailor a custom solution to meet your needs. We’re at the forefront of technology advances (including augmented reality!) and we’re always happy to recommend growth solutions that may be a fit with your business. 

And don’t forget about the NetElixir Assurance: Four weeks of post-launch technical support, a dedicated team for your project, and platform training for all stakeholders

Ready to learn more and start saying no to average when it comes to your e-commerce site? Check out our web development services and contact NetElixir today.

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