New Google Shopping Assortment Report Tool

New Google Shopping Assortment Report Tool

Shopping Assortment Report

Online retailers, rejoice! Google Shopping has once again implemented a new addition to its Google Merchant Center by adding a feature that’ll greatly help out retailers during the bustling holiday season and beyond.

The new Shopping Assortment Report will take the guesswork out of choosing which products you want to focus on selling this holiday season. This feature acts like a detective and uncovers your top 100 products and their brands that your online store doesn’t offer. This information is generated, based on how popular these products are in Google Shopping, and can be accessed easily right in your Merchant Center account.

GMC Assortment Report

So, why is this awesome? This new feature identifies popular products you sell, but may have forgotten to include in your data feed, or perhaps included with an incorrect GTIN. Even better, it also shows you products you’re not selling, but might want to look into sourcing from suppliers to then add to your product feed.

If you weren’t clear on how important correct GTINs in your product feed are yet, let this be another reminder. If your GTINs aren’t accurate and up-to-date, your products will be rejected and won’t show up in Google Shopping. To prevent this from happening, this tool can help you identify problem areas to ensure all of your best products are inputted correctly in your data feeds. As long as you have proper GTINs set up, this tool will also help suggest products you should focus on. For example, if you only sell one style of toy blocks from one brand, but another style of theirs is more popular, as long as you have the correct GTINs in Google Shopping, the different style of blocks from said brand will be suggested to you to sell.

When you’re selling your products online, making sure your products are labeled correctly will make it easier for your customers to buy their must-have products for the holidays right from your online store. Get the upper hand over your competition this year with the Shopping Assortment Report and watch your sales grow!

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