NetElixir’s 8th Annual X=Experience Event

NetElixir's X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation

NetElixir’s X=Experience is a world-class event that bridges the gap between academia and industry. Every year, we bring together renowned thought-leaders to share their latest research, perspectives, and ideas with retail executives to inspire innovation in marketing, growth strategies, customer engagement and interactions, and more. Why? Because we first believe that when great minds meet, magic happens.

The X=Experience event was inspired by the TED conference. We wanted to host our own forum that connected academics and industry leaders through a communal networking and brainstorming session unlike any other. Every X=Experience is uniquely curated with a distinct purpose, which allows attendees to be fully immersed in the knowledge collaboration. Hosted in Princeton, NJ, the home of the world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein, we are able to continue Einstein’s legacy of curiosity and learning. All details, from the attendees to the venue to the cuisine to the caliber of speakers is what makes this event so unique.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our speakers and their inspiring and thought-provoking presentations that challenge us to think differently about what we have always done. In the past, we have heard from leading thinkers from the fields of strategic management, consumer behavior, innovation, and digital media to inspire new thoughts, introduce new perspectives, and, of course, kindle new innovations that fuel our growth strategies for the future.

The X=Experience event brings together the best in academia and industry leadership to inspire exceptional ideation and conversation in an intimate setting. We held the first X=Experience in 2013 and are proud to keep the tradition going for our 8th annual event, X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation, live September 30th to October 1st, 2021.

2013 X=Experience Group Photo

Group photo from our first X=Experience event in 2013

Introducing the First X=Experience

During our first X=Experience in 2013, the goal was to create a Collaborative Learning Environment through exclusive invites to over thirty retail executives for nearly five hours of insightful presentations, networking, and knowledge-sharing. The idea was to create an intimate, elite event where ideas and insights could be freely shared and openly discussed. Since NetElixir’s founding in 2005, the team has had ample opportunities to meet with retail executives and gain deeper insights into their e-commerce business and growth strategy. We’ve overcome challenges, helped create phenomenal successes, and learned so much to better support our customers — but there is more to learn beyond the agency setting.

The X=Experience became a chance for leaders and academics of various backgrounds to learn directly from each other and share their experiences to create a brighter future.

In reflecting upon the first event, Udayan says, “We thought, why not create an event that facilitated peer-to-peer knowledge and insight sharing. An event where the CEO of one company could share what had worked for her with the CMO of the second company and vice versa — and both benefited from this knowledge-exchange process. Our annual seminar has been created with the sole purpose of fostering a collaborative learning experience. We really want this to be an event where retailers learn from each other and have a good time, a great experience – the X=Experience.”

We wanted to create an event that was different because we truly believe that as a company, we are different. We wanted the event to convey our unique NetElixir spirit. Our passion. Our core values. Our style of doing things.” – Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetEliir 

After being unable to hold the X=Experience in person last year, we are excited for the chance to host our highly-anticipated event once more.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of hearing from some of the greatest minds of marketing, strategy, business, retail, and more, as well as spending time in Albert Einstein’s hometown of Princeton to retrace his footsteps. It is truly an unforgettable experience and a chance to learn the latest in online shopping trends, economic predictions, and marketing strategies and catch up with clients and old friends in an intimate, collaborative setting.

Leslie Lenhart, the Vice President of Marketing at Ulla Popken, speaks about the X=Experience

In 2015, we delved inside the mind of the online customer with Professors David Bell, Adam Alter, and Vishal Gaur, and had a think session with Thomas Harman, CEO, and Caroline Tuan, COO, of Balsam Brands.

2015 Group Photo

Group photo from our 2015 X=Experience

We continued exploring what makes the online customer click with the founder of OkCupid, Christian Rudder, the Vice President of Marketing for UPS, Bala Ganesh, and the CEO and Chairmen of Ashley Stewart, James Rhee

2016 Group Photo

Group photo from our 2016 event

The 2017 X=Experience conference marked the 5th anniversary of hosting this event. We had the pleasure of learning about our authentic selves with Professor Sheena Iyengar, diving deeper into data with Jeff Booth of Build Direct, and understanding how to manage growth and profitability in retail with Professor Vishal Gaur during our 2017 event.

2017 X=Experience Group Photo

2017 X=Experience group photo

We examined how to facilitate innovation with Professors Jerry Wind and Anindya Ghose, as well as discovered the vision behind Grounds for Sculpture with Gary Garrido Schneider, the Executive Director of the Grounds.

2018 group photo

2018 X=Experience group photo

In 2019, during our last in-person event for a time, we heard from Professor Jerry Wind on how to rethink innovation, Professor Anindya Ghose on using AI and blockchain to monetize in the digital economy, and Jim Stengel, president of the Jim Stengel group and former Global Marketing Officer of P&G about his experiences and learnings. 

2019 X=Experience

Group photo from 2019 X=Experience

The X=Experience has always been a place where ideas meet the imagination. Surrounded by thought-leaders and innovators against the backdrop of the breath-taking Grounds For Sculpture, it’s almost impossible not to think of revolutionary ideas.

Held at the Awe-Inspiring Grounds For Sculpture

Beyond the caliber of speakers and attendees, what makes the X=Experience stand out is the venue. Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ is arguably one of New Jersey’s best-kept secrets. 

View of Rat's Restaurant at Grounds for Sculpture

View of Rat’s Restaurant at Grounds for Sculpture


Seward Johnson’s Lakeside Table #1 at Grounds for Sculpture

Here, art comes to life for us to interact with and see the world from their perspective. The collection at Grounds for Sculpture is an eclectic mix of educational and engaging pieces that fit into the natural landscape of the grounds. By bringing famous artworks to life in a different medium, such as Forever Marilyn Monroe and American Gothic, we get a chance to see classic icons from a new perspective. And that is the goal of the X=Experience: to see old things anew in order to create something innovative that will inspire our future.

NetElixir’s 8th Annual X=Experience

X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation logo

We cordially invite you to join us for our 8th annual X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation. For the first time in our history, we are hosting a hybrid event and live-streaming the main conference day on Friday, October 1st. Join us as we rethink innovation with:

  • Jonah Berger, Professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, presenting Contagious: Why Things Catch On
  • Chieh Huang, CEO of, presenting The World Changed While I Was Getting Toilet Paper
  • Michele Gelfand, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University, presenting The Secret Life of Social Norms

Listen to our keynote presenters as they discuss the essentials for innovation in today’s business landscape, the secret of word-of-mouth marketing, and how to leverage social norms to create an innovative environment. We look forward to rethinking innovation with you!

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