NetElixir Launches Weekly Consumer Insights

NetElixir Launches Weekly Consumer Insights

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be conducting primary research on a quarterly basis to uncover consumer insights! Our very first consumer survey sought to discover the unique behavior of customers in regards to holiday shopping. Our team uncovered surprising insights into who, what, where, when, why, and how consumers are shopping this season. We wanted to share some of these insights with you.

Using Google Consumer Surveys, we asked 1,000 participants online questions about their holiday shopping experience. The target of our survey was the general population in the United States on the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network. The questions we asked include:

  • How much of your holiday shopping is already complete?

  • What are you gifting this holiday season?

  • How important in brand name to you when buying a holiday gift?

  • Where are you most likely to buy a holiday gift this season?

  • How many people are you shopping for this holiday season?

  • While holiday shopping, I mostly use my mobile device to…

From this collection of data, we were able to gain valuable and surprising insights. For example, our survey showed that 89% of people in the high-income bracket ($150,000+) were planning to shop on marketplaces, like Amazon, this season.

Each week, we’ll share another insight from our survey with you. Each quarter, we’ll conduct a new survey with fresh, new insights to share. Subscribe to our Weekly Consumer Insights to get a sneak peak into how your consumers think, search, and shop online.

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