NetElixir Has Moved!

When you travel 8084.04 miles to realize your dreams, the office where you start your journey from assumes a different level of importance for you.

In their living room in India NetElixir CEO, Udayan Bose and his wife and Manager of Operations, Tulika Bose dreamt of starting a business in the United States. They had three grand visions of what their adventure would be like:

  1. They believed in themselves as experts in paid search advertising and therefore would have clients lining up to work with them.
  2. They believed that every NetElixir employee-to-be would share their vision, passion and enthusiasm.
  3. And they believed it would be the start of a relentless growth story if they could manage the growth.

…They were being naïve.

475 Wall Street in Princeton, New Jersey is where Udayan and Tulika learned their first lessons in doing business in the US. No longer would they be crowded around a table at Starbucks, but instead they would share a 10ft X 10ft room which they rented together along with their first new employee. At this point in time 60% of the NetElixir revenue was generated by one client,…

Five years later…

We have made the move to our own office! Today marks the end of our third week in the new office, and the end of an era for NetElixir. While our previous office might not have been much in terms of aesthetics, it holds a number of treasured memories from the NetElixir archives. In August of 2009, NetElixir won its first Fortune 500 client when they signed American Express, and in February of 2010 the first UK subsidiary and second “wholly” owned subsidiary was incorporated. In June of 2009 the mission of sharing knowledge began with the launch of the first “Fresh Ideas Workbook.”

Of course there were struggles, as well. The US had a much different work style than India and it was a challenge to find people who shared Udayan and Tulika’s passion. In the time of a depression, there was a relentless focus on “survival” which in return stifled innovation.

But nonetheless, Netelixir survived. Great client relationships were established without losing sight of the core values: Respect for people, Delight our clients, and Deliver quality service.

With a larger space comes a larger vision and we as a team are determined to deliver. Join us in this amazing growth story and perhaps you will learn a thing or two about online marketing, about starting a business and about life!

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