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Udayan speaking at a UPS + Google Partnership event

NetElixir has been recognized by Google as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America. Together, we help brands connect with the right customer at the right time. We first became a Google Premier Partner in 2016 and most recently, our Google Partnership has extended to include an invitation to the Google Leadership Circle and Google Partners International Growth Program. Perks from our Google partnerships include first access to Google’s latest innovations and updates, the ability to conduct one-on-one meetings with a Google expert, and specialized guidance that helps us drive sustainable growth for brands.

What Does It Mean To Be Part Of the Google Leadership Circle?

In 2022, NetElixir’s Founder and CEO Udayan Bose was invited into Google’s Leadership Circle, a community that Google started in 2020 to showcase agencies who have been at the forefront of digital transformation. We are one of the top thirty agencies to be part of this group out of more than 7,000 agencies in the United States!). The Leadership Circle honors the changemakers of the industry who grow their business through agility, innovation, and continued results. 

Through the Leadership Circle, Udayan and NetElixir receive early access to new research and products, periodic discussions with Google executives and other industry leaders on current challenges, and customized leadership development programs. We are honored to be a part of this exclusive group and deepen our Google partnership. Our relationship allows us to draw on more insights, trends, and innovations as we continue to help brands succeed online.

The Future of Digital: Growth Workshop With Google

On May 19th, NetElixir partnered with UPS and Google to conduct a growth workshop aimed at helping brands prepare for the digital future. We gathered at Google’s office in New York City for a morning of insightful presentations, networking opportunities, and growth discussion.

Group photo from NetElixir + UPS + Google Partnership Event in NYC

Here’s to creating the future of digital, together! Group shot from May 19, 2022 growth workshop event

The future of digital, as discussed by Google, UPS, and leading brands, will focus on the following:

  • Using first-party data to build prediction models and customer segments for increased personalization and targeting
  • Embracing AI and machine learning now, even in small doses, to better adopt new technologies as they emerge
  • Updating to Google Analytics 4 to retain historical data and have forward compatible tracking and measurement tools in place
  • Conveying your authentic brand message and story, while also being able to speak your customer’s language
  • Increasing sustainability and other important social cause efforts and awareness
  • Being open to product development and customer feedback to improve your offerings and give insights into what customers actually want
  • Analyzing and building from YoY data to learn how to improve and discover new opportunities
  • Maximizing the potential of YouTube, especially for crafting unique creative content

Winning in the cookieless world requires a different strategic approach compared to what we have learned and use during the pandemic. A successful marketing strategy will rely on meaningful, responsible, and authentic messaging, a focus on high-value customers and AI-driven insights, as well as a structured approach to planned experimentation. Overall, we need to embrace a full-funnel marketing strategy to drive brand growth.

Get Key Takeaways and Insights For Your Brand From Google Marketing Live

On Thursday, May 26th NetElixir hosted a webinar, discussing the Key Takeaways and Insights from Google Marketing Live. We shared not just a recap of the top announcements from Google Marketing Live, but dove into what these updates mean for your brand.

New products like Performance Planner, tweaks in local ads, and streamlined conversion goals were all announcements made at prior Google Marketing Live events. This year’s Google Marketing Live is the last one in a world with third-party cookies. Google’s announcements changed the future of search marketing. While other agencies will share their recaps and highlights of this innovative event, NetElixir was the first to share how these updates directly impact your brand, both now and in the future.

During the 2022 Google Marketing Live event, Google will announce their latest product and technological innovations and their upcoming plans to help you prepare for the future of marketing. For a full recap of Google’s most exciting announcements and how they affect your brand’s growth strategy, watch our full webinar:


As we all continue to navigate the changing digital landscape, having a strong ecosystem of partners is crucial to success. We have learned that time and again through our Google partnership, which has helped our team members deepen their skillset and our clients reach their goals.

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Updated June 3, 2022

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