NetElixir a Finalist for the 2017 OMMA Awards

Omma Awards Group shot

Monday night, a few us rushed into NYC for the 2017 OMMA Awards by MediaPost. We were 1 of 3 finalists for the Search Marketing: SEM Campaign for our amazing work on Ames Walker!

The venue was a delight, inside and out. Although dark inside, the interior lighting mixed with paintings and posters lit up the space with a warm glow. Guitars were strung from the ceiling and used as alternative lighting. People were dashing about, excited to meet other finalists. Others hung out in small crowds, speaking words that were inaudible from a distance.

As we walked in a line down to Table 18, we were ecstatic at being so close to the stage. An indie band, Chapell, dazzled us with sounds emitted from a combination of vocals, trumpet, violin, keyboard, guitar, drums,  and possibly more.

The mood was exciting with a hint of anxiety as we waited to hear the winners announced. Each presenter went through each award so quickly, as if it was an auction. But still, we waited eagerly and sat back, enjoying our time there.

Although we did not win, we were among giants. We were surrounded by big names and being nominated shows how much a small team like us can really do. Each of us brings something unique to NetElixir, and together we can accomplish so much and will continue to do so.

As Udayan Bose, CEO of NetElixir, always says, onward!

Special thanks to Wasim Akram, Vaishnavi Bussa, Prabha Divovich, Diana Dymond, Lauren Greenberg, Christie Labarca,  Tauseef Syed, Prachi Tewari, Ismaa Viqar, and Neelakantha Rao Yathavakilla.

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