NetElixir Celebrates 3 Product Launches

NetElixir Celebrates 3 Product Launches

September 15 was a very busy day at NetElixir as we launched three new and exciting projects to help our overall customer experience. Ask The Expert, AdWords Site Grader, and Shopping Campaign Support all made their debut. We also added a few updates to LXRPlugIn.

Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert is a one-of-a-kind solution bridging the chasm of not knowing how to benefit from digital marketing to successfully managing your own online marketing campaigns. When you run any free tool on LXRMarketplace, Ask The Expert predicts what questions you may have after using one of our tools, and it allows you to ask further questions to one of our live SEO and SEM experts. Our goal is to democratize search marketing to help small to mid-sized business from all over the world, succeed online.

AdWords Site Grader

AdWords Grader allows you to see how your overall Google Adwords campaigns are performing in a quick and easy format. All you have to do is give the grader access to your Google Adwords account, and it does the rest–providing you with actionable insights such as an account summary, an overall grade and benchmark, a quality score analysis, an impression score analysis, and a wasted spend analysis. These points will allow you to see how your Google AdWords campaigns are performing compared to the average campaign, and will provide recommendations on how to update and improve your campaigns.

Shopping Campaign Support

Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads support is now available through the LXRGuide. You can now get support analyses like geographic bid management, product group bid management, and audit checks for conflicting products. With the Shopping Campaign support, you can now track and analyze your products SKUs to see which are bringing in revenue and which are not performing at all.


LXRPlugIn now has a new SEO-friendly website with many new features to provide the best customer experience. On the website, you can now request a personalized one-on-one demo of the product before you purchase it. If you are already a LXRPlugIn user, you can now run both a Google AdWords and Google Analytics report at the same time, in the same place. What’s great about this, it that it is super easy to set up. If you’ve run an AdWords report before, all you need to do is follow the same easy steps to add your Analytics report. One more update is that once your subscription expires, you can get another week of the program for free just by sharing a post on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We will reward you for sharing our product with your friends!

All of these new products and updates went live last month, so they are now ready and available for you to use to improve your eCommerce game!

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