NetElixir + Alumio: Helping Businesses Expand Their Digital Landscape

NetElixir and Alumio announce new partnership

NetElixir is proud to announce that we joined Alumio’s partnership network earlier this year. Through our combined expertise, we can develop fully integrated e-commerce websites that are of higher quality, faster, and increasingly more adaptable and reliable. 

Alumio offers an integration platform to connect data from any system to e-commerce and digital software through its iPaas solution. By partnering with Alumio and their seamless ability to integrate processes, NetElixir can better scale our client’s growth opportunities by digitizing their business and sustainably increasing revenue through our array of solutions.

Better Website Integration

Benefit from the strategic advantages of headless design by connecting your digital ecosystem across channels, systems, and platforms. Leverage robust Alumio™ services to create seamless integration experiences that take your business operations to the next level.

  • Build data pipelines up to four times faster by taking advantage of plug-and-play functionalities available in flexible software solutions. 
  • Secure and scalable integrations allow your business to grow quickly and operate efficiently by safely sharing data internally and deconstructing data silos.
  • Cutback on complicated custom coding and give your business the tools to empower junior and non-technical staff members to manage integrations.

The CEO Perspective 

“Alumio is extremely happy to partner with such a prominent digital marketing agency like NetElixir. Empowering e-commerce growth and helping brands strengthen their digital presence, NetElixir is a great ally to have, and we are very excited for this cooperation!” says Caspar Hardholt, CEO of Alumio, about the new partnership.

Udayan Bose, our Founder and CEO, says, “What we consider an essential advantage of the Alumio iPaaS platform is the fact that it eliminates any open data silos, provides us with constant monitoring of our integrations process, while also being very reliable and transparent with our data. Alumio makes it possible to build a stable and well-operating IT landscape, be fast and smooth when it comes to integrations, and turn our digital success goals and dreams into reality. I truly believe that our partnership will bring a lot of positives and contribute for an even brighter future of our company!’’

We are excited to start this exciting new chapter with Alumio and look forward to many successes together.

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