Meet The Speaker: Robin Dreeke at NetElixir’s 10th Annual X=Experience

X=Experience Meet the Speaker Featuring Robin Dreeke

In preparation for our 10th annual X=Experience, team NetElixir sat down with one of our speakers, Robin Dreeke, to discuss his upcoming presentation, Unstoppable Alliances.

NetElixir: Hi Robin! Welcome back! Can you share a bit about yourself?

Hey there! My name is Robin Dreeke, retired Chief of the FBI, Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program, spy recruiter, and bestselling author, including author of my upcoming book, Unstoppable Alliances.

NX: So, what does Rethinking Innovation mean to you?

It’s all about the fuel that drives innovation, alliances of trust and safety. In my talk, I’ll be sharing some of the key principles from my book, like focus, the Keys to Communication and Mastery. 

NX: How have you been inspired to change or innovate during the past two years?

Over the past few years, I’ve been inspired to change and innovate by paying attention to world around me and embracing advancements in technology and self-awareness. It’s about staying ahead of the wave and not letting it pass us by.

NX: What are your views about AI and how should brands leverage AI?

When it comes to AI, it’s important for brands to leverage it as a collaborative partner. Like any new resource, it’s crucial to understand its benefits, limitations, and how to use it as a collaboration rather than relying on it completely. 

NX: Final question. What is one key takeaway you want attendees to use from your presentation?

In my presentation, I want attendees to take away the importance of allies in both personal and professional endeavors. This includes forming alliances with AI as the world moves forward. The key lies in our ability to focus and to be present, communicate effectively, use and afford golden keys, and strive for mastery rather than just relying on our natural talent. And in the new world of AI and deep fakes, we must remember the principles of trust but verify. By holding on to this principle, we can navigate the challenges and risks that come with these advancements.

Join NetElixir’s X=Experience

We still have a few spots left for our exclusive X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation conference, held in Princeton at the end of September. Join Robin’s presentation on Unstoppable Alliances to dive into the world of unstoppable alliances and how they apply in the exciting realm of AI and deepfakes. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience!

Our 10th annual X=Experience also boasts keynote speakers Sheena Iyengar and Adam Alter.

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