Meet the Speaker: Michele Gelfand at X=Experience

Part of the foundation behind NetElixir’s annual X=Experience is the idea of simulating an academic forum, where equals are discussing new ideas, exchanging thoughts, and conversing freely. The purpose of the X=Experience conference is to put more emphasis on listening rather than speaking and on learning rather than voicing our own opinions. We seek to improve through learning because there is so much that we don’t know. We started the X=Experience in 2013 to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Each year, through each event, we come closer to that goal by cultivating an environment of inspiration, innovation, and friendship.

“There was no hierarchy — there was no client, there was no CEO. Everyone was a student,” NetElixir’s Founder and CEO, Udayan Bose, says in describing the creation of the first X=Experience in 2013.

Who better to help us become a student again and spark free-flowing conversations than leading professors sharing their latest research? NetElixir prides ourselves on the quality of our speakers and their presentations and we’re happy to invite Professor Michele Gelfand of Stanford University, to our 8th Annual X=Experience: Rethinking Innovation. Because we believe that when great minds meet, magic happens.

Professor Gelfand will be presenting The Secret Life of Social Norms. She will discuss:

  • How the strength of social norms reflects cultural differences
  • The distinction between tight and loose cultures and how they influence our own behavior
  • Why moderation is key to forging deeper connections with one another

Rethink Innovation with Michele Gelfand at NetElixir’s X=Experience.

Interview with Michele Gelfand

NetElixir sat down with Professor Gelfand for a teaser of what we can expect from her presentation at our live event. She shared:

Hi, I’m Michele Gelfand, a professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and I’m really excited to be speaking at the upcoming NetElixir event on October 1st! My talk is going to be about how to understand the deeper cultural codes that are driving our behavior that’s based on my book Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

A key difference that differentiates people around the world and across history is whether we are tight or loose. Tight groups notice rules, they try to avoid mistakes, and they like a lot of structure and order. Loose groups don’t notice rules a lot, are more risk-taking, and don’t mind ambiguity. Neither is worse or better, but both have important strengths and liabilities and it turns out that this distinction is affecting everything from our nations to our neurons. And you’ll find out why and, most importantly, how to harness the power of these codes to be more effective at work and at home. See you soon!

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