LXRMarketplace Offers Retailers “Hope to Succeed”

NetElixir has just launched a FREE & powerful online marketplace compiled with applications that will significantly improve online marketing management for small sized retailers.

The website is called the LXRMarketplace http://www.lxrmarketplace.com/. The tools available on LXRMarketplace will allow companies to gain momentum in areas such as search engine marketing, Facebook & Twitter advertisements, analytics and much more. Through working with over 200 retailers in the past 5 years, the NetElixir team has been lucky enough to see what works and what does not for online marketing campaigns, and we wanted to share this knowledge to improve the market campaigns for as many retailers as possible. These free applications will help small businesses gain extraordinary customer outreach that may have never been possible. NetElixir & the new LXRMarketplace are here to simplify your life as a small retail marketer while also improving your campaign performance, what could sound better for your company? We are here to offer you “hope to succeed” in this fast paced, technology driven world.


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